Beats, bikes & patches

Wold love a fixie!!!

A short story

A few beats and some new gravel roads

Autumn Moves - a Renoise bike film



8 steps sequencer, can’t ask for more

Rack patch around 1:05 BÖTZINGER YAO!

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64 Lines

Enjoy the ride - reset the mind

Time Limit - More rides more beats

feat vcv digitakt and digitone

Wet & slippery over these old beats


Such a nice scenery, plenty of variety during this ride :sheep:

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Thanks man! :ram:

Hey Sparvnätter, happy new year!

Looking forward to more bikes and beats films in 2023.

Slightly OT possibly, but I discovered why my videos look so disappointing on YouTube. This is embarassing for someone who is supposed to be technically competent, but when I render in Resolve I was using the default YouTube preset, which compress the hell out of the file so it uploads faster. Of course, once it’s uploaded YouTube then applies it’s own compression so it’s getting squashed twice. That’s why my crisp 4k HD GoPro 11 footage looks like crap after I’ve edited it. I’m a bit of a noob to video editing, so after reading up I realised I need to use custom render settings in Resolve and generate a higher quality master. The more resolution you can get into YouTube, the better it will look after applying it’s own compression. The last one I made was just VCV screenshots and captions, but came out as 10Gb after render and looks much better after uploading. If I get time, I’ll go back to my bike projects, re-render and upload again. Hope this is useful for anyone else that uploads to YouTube.




Exploring slow


Filmed in mars. Bike commuting to work, beautiful day but ice cold and slippery on the way home, summer tires. Had composer William Basinski in my AirPods, guess that’s what inspired the music.

I can highly recommend his work The Disintegration Loops.

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Bitwigs note grid (finally upgraded) and shadow riding

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