Barriers to Plugin Adoption

(Fbeecher) #41

I do this with VCV too. I created an Airtable that lists, categorizes, and visualizes the modules in all the plugins I’ve downloaded (nerd). I rate each plugin in terms of aesthetics. Some plugins are really hard to look at, and when I’m patching I want it to be a fun, good experience. I don’t want to have to squint at illegible text, shield my eyes against color combinations that vibrate, or try to manipulate too-small/obscure controls.

Of course, I’ll still install a plugin that I rate low aesthetically if there is something unique or uniquely useful about it.

Modular isn’t just about the sound, it’s also about the experience of making the sound.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #42

That’s why in Beginners guide to VCV Rack I say:

  1. Install the following plugins to start with: Audible Instruments, Befaco, JW-modules, ML_modules, Bogaudio, Vult modules (free).

People will always argue about which plugins it should be, but that’s my suggestion, and I think there’s some reason behind that.

(Skrylar) #43

Not to mention “is this VCA any better or worse from that VCA? Is this ADSR good? Oh hey I have five different kinds of mixing board!”

(Josep) #44

I do not consider this a real problem at all, @Skrylar … After almost four months in the Modular Synthesis realm, i will say that it’s really good to have more than one “any same kind of module” at hand … Why? … Because after having understood and learned the basics, it is wonderful to substitute any of the modules used in the patch by any of the available equivalents and see how the patch sounds with it, or what new posibilities the new one offers than the original one had not … Real fun, enjoyment, experimentation, and further learning about the possibilities of Modular Synthesis, you know? :drooling_face: :heart_eyes:

(Josep) #45


As a relatively new user let me say that i never have had any problem myself to decide “what module i’m gonna to try to do this or that?” … On the contrary, my only concern has always been to learn the basics and understand how a simple voltage was able to generate sound on its own …

So once one learns the basics one knows that one needs at least one VCO, some VCFs/Envelopes, some LFOs, some Sequencer/s, and some Tools … After that, you have a bunch of modules of the same kind to try, so you only need to read the manual (or watch a video tutorial) of this or that module and aply your basic knowledge to it.

So, at least to me, there’s a great fun and enjoyment to be able to have a bunch of modules of the same kind at hand to experiment with and discover that although they all are VCOs, or VCFs, or LFOs, or anything else, all of them are different somehow, which brings a lot of different posibilities on their own to experiment with.

So to me there are two kind of painters … those who look for security, so that they use always the same colours, always fearful to have to brake out their paintings and start anew … AND those who use any colour available (even if they are the same with a slight hue difference), no matter how many times they have to break out their paintings and start anew … And this makes the difference between true Artist, and those who only move within the known, always fearful of the unknown.

So all what i see in this discussion here is some fearful people trying to transmit their fear to those who can come here as newbies … Because even if one would have thowsand types of wood at hand the result will be always a chair, or a table, or a bookshelf … So the real problem Is not if i have thousand types of wood, BUT if i have really understood how to make a chair, a table, or a bookshelf … Once i have really learned and understood that, there’s a great fun in discovering what are the characteristics of each different wood i can have for my project … and who knows, maybe even go beyond the basics dicovering new ways of doing things non-existent before.

My two cents :wink:


Personally, I’ve ignored a lot of plugins because of their design. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I have a hard time using plugins that visually look bad, regardless of how good they might sound or work.

(Skrylar) #47

I don’t doubt that experienced users don’t care; they probably already know what everything does and have memorized the weird names (“oh, detroy is a sequencer”) and have their favorite stars/pins set on stuff.