Audible Instruments Segment Generator: Multi-Stage/Segment LFO

How does one create a multi-stage/segment LFO in Audible Instruments Segment Generator (Stages)? The Stages documentation indicates that two buttons (start and end) must be held simultaneously, but if there’s a trick to doing this (with a mouse, keyboard, etc.) in VCV, I haven’t yet found it.

I was wondering this also after reading the manual recently. Would be very interested to find out.

Maybe info here:

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you should check out @Omri_Cohen’s video on this module

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hey there Did you find out the answer to this?

I didn’t, no.

Hi there!

I tried it a bit: it seems, you need to give it a gate. If there is a gate in gate-input 1 and you press button 1 long to create the loop starting point and then another button (long-press) of any other channel, it creates a loop between those channels, walking across in the speed of the gate. You can see that you did right, when you watch the blinking lights in the top row: they always blink in sync, when they are looped individually (for example as independent lfo-channels). When you do as described above, you should get something like a phased blinking, showing that the loop-span crosses channels.

Is that, what you asked for, then the trick is: You need the gate. - It also works, if you loop individual channels and then give the first channel a gate afterwards. You see the 2nd light switch in the off-position after putting in the gate.

It is more like a 2-6-stage curve-sequence, and the looping part is only neccessary, if you want less than 6 stages. So my screenshot actually shows a 6 stage-curve-sequence, that wouldn’t need the loop function at all.

Is that, what you were asking for?

Cheers, dDom 

Close! If you substitute “button” for “knob” in what you’ve said and do a long-press on both start and end, it works.

…right, I‘ll edit.