Audible instruments marbles: gate length

New Windows build, that fixes a GUI issue and an issue with the gate length scaling in Marbles/Random sampler. (The scaling bug wasn’t severe, but the applied setting from the menu was still slightly wrong.)

edit : new link with version where I rolled back the version number, so that Rack doesn’t misleadingly say there’s an update available from the web (it would just downgrade the Audible Instruments plugin to the official older version) :

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Nope , that backfired now it wants to downgrade from 1.0.1 back to 1.0.0. your previous version did not have this problem.

Yes, like I mentioned, it will do that, unfortunately. (I probably should not have increased the version number…Maybe I will roll that back. This seems to be some kind of bug in Rack where an increased version number, also in Rack itself, causes it to think the previous version of the plugin or Rack is the “updated” one if the new plugin or Rack binary has not come from the official download server.)

edit : I updated the above link to a new build that still has the 1.0.0 version number.

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Now it works :+1:

Just curious , what GUI issue was/is this ?

There was a mess up with the gate length menu checkmark and the actually applied setting. :unamused: I noticed that already for the Mac build I posted above few days ago. But I will also post an updated Mac build soon, because some of the licensing stuff was changed today. (There shouldn’t be any functional differences for Mac.)

edit : The updated Mac build :


Not a bug, this is how Andrew designed it. Rack doesn’t count numerical versions, it simple checks - “is the version of this different to the one in the library? If it is, get the one from the library”.

Maybe it would be useful to have some setting that lets VCV ignore that for some modules? Maybe too much work though.

By the way, I forgot, there’s of course an open source fork of my changes, in case someone wants to review/fix them, make a Linux binary build etc :


There has been a minor update to Audible Instruments to “Fix tags and module descriptions”. Any chance someone can build a new version with the great gate length mod by @Xenakios ?


I’m glad you asked, now I don’t look so needy :+1: I just love the gate length mod.


I’ve updated my fork with the changes. I can post Mac and Windows binaries tomorrow. (Not at the Windows machine at the moment…)




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Updated builds for Windows and Mac :



Was your pull-request for implementing gate length ever accepted by Andrew?

No, it hasn’t been accepted.

Yeah, I was just checking the repository as well and it seems Andrew is silently ignoring most pull-requests, changes and issues.

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Andrew on Facebook: “With a dozen major projects being my priority, I unfortunately have no time to work on open-source plugins at this time.”

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Since the gate length feature will probably never make it into the official Audible Instruments version, I think I am going to include Marbles/Random Sampler in my Poly_AudibleInstruments fork so I don’t have to deal with multiple plugins, repos and releases. I currently have no plans to make Marbles polyphonic, though. (It might be a cool thing to look into in the future…)