Atelier Palette: Multimode

Hi Rack-a-teers,

I vaguely recall an article (or a day dream) that when “macro oscillator 2 (plaits)” went polyphonic, one instance of the module could run multiple modes (eg running kick, snare and hi-hat) by throwing a polycable into the MODEL input.

I want to do this with Palette? I’m doing some quick experiments but not getting any logical results.

Am I wasting my time and need to stick with adding 1 Palette module per required mode eg 3 Palettes, 1 for each kick, snare and hi-hat?

Thanks, Chris.

Just tried it and it worked for me. (Windows 64 VCV 1.1.6)

Do you have a poly cable in the volts/oct input as well? You need that.

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Great! I wasn’t day dreaming then :smiley:

Yes I had poly cables on all key controls. I’ll revisit this with renewed rigour :muscle:


Note also that the Unisono/Spread mode has to (probably) be set at off (1 voice). That might have been one reason for getting “non logical” results if you had that turned on. The behavior of all that will hopefully be improved at some point.

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Are you guys freaking kidding me this is awesome

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I am not completely convinced now that adding the multi engine mode was the right decision originally but I guess I can’t remove that anymore at this point… :face_with_head_bandage: Using it is really pretty fiddly in the end and I am quite sure that has also added some potential bugs into the module.

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AH! Yes I did have more than 1 voice (I made assumptions :roll_eyes:)

Will test again in a few days.

It is indeed a bit fiddly but when it works it’s fun :

PolyPaletteDrum - 24072020-4.vcv (86.5 KB)

One Atelier is the only sound source :smiley:


Wonderful, thanks for sharing this!


I think I just wet my pants :rofl:

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Thank you Sir!!! :+1:

I had a thought since last night and wondered what the CPU load would be with 1 Palette with 3 models vs 3 Palettes with 1 model each. I sense a test coming up :slight_smile:


I would suspect the CPU load will be pretty similar if you can measure it properly. There’s no SIMD or multithreading code in Palette at the moment.

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@VCV_Rack_Renegade glad you dried off to make that demo video :rofl:


Didn’t have to. I made that video first :slightly_smiling_face:

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