ASIO4ALL issues?

In Ableton, my ASIO4ALL shows that I have 20 outputs(SSL2 and Expert Sleepers ES-8/ES-3), in VCV Rack 2 Pro my interface is only showing 16 - the way my ASIO4ALL is configured- the SSL shows up after my Expert Sleepers modules.

Is there any way to remedy what’s available in VCV Rack?

Alternatively, I’m having trouble routing audio from the Plug-In into Ableton? Is there a decent quick start for the VST version?

There’s a third party audio interface with 64 channels.

If it’s still not in the library, when you read this, there’s a thread on how to get it here

for Ableton quickstart guides see the video tutorial wiki here:

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Actually this module is likely to be deprecated/hidden when Stoermelder makes it to Rack 2, because it is no longer necessary. It might also cause problems, because it’s not designed for the new situation where an audio module must declare whether or not it is the master audio interface.

The new way to do this in Rack 2 is to instead just add a second Audio-16 module for I/O 17-32, like this:


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OK, noted.

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Weird, I see that option when I choose Audio 8 and it gives me a list of 1-8 and 9-16, but for some reason, VCV Rack is not recognizing anything past 16 on my outputs?