Art + Music + Technology Podcast - Thumbs up!

I recently re-discovered this awesome YouTube series from 20Objects channel:

They feature podcasts of top artists and developers, talking about music, sound, synthesis, flow programming and other audio related stuff.

Sure, we can find our master Andrew Belt, featured with an interview dating back at 2018, January. It looks (ahem… sounds) like a piece of history!

There are talkings with Omri Cohen, Miller Puckette, Michael Hetrick, Jim Aikin, Jeremy Wentworth, Oli Larkin, Richard Devine, and Giorgio Sancristoforo too (my mentor at SAE School in Milan), but there are definitely too many masters to name all, starting from Morton Subotnick all the way up to now.

They currently published Podcast 336. I really appreciate that all podcasts are subtitled (in English), or sometimes a link to the transcription is given (that’s my problem with podcasts, I read lots of English text, but I am a billygoat when I have to fluently understand spoken English).

So, we can give it a listen at our pleasure, and enjoy.


Darwin Grosse’ Arts + Music + Technology podcast is fantastic. Is the 20Objects channel affiliated with the podcast (or Darwin), though?

The podcast’s website is:


Oh, well… :slightly_smiling_face: I can bet that it’s simply the personal social video channel from Darwin Grosse, though there are no explicit information filled in the channel dashboard, because 20 Objects is also now the redirect of his website: (this name matches his self-branded Max/MSP course title).

Anyway the direct link to the podcast is more appropriate to share than the one from YT that I posted, also because it’s up-to-date with the last episode deployed, while I linked the playlist that apparently has not been updated in the last couple of years. So thank you!


Oh, sweet! It is Darwin!

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For anyone using Google Podcast:

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Episode 280 is my favorite :slight_smile:


Incredible interview!