ARM64 modules

I’m seriously missing some modules that I used to have available on my m1 mac, especially the stocaudio plugins like polyturing, polydelay and spread. any idea on when these will become available again for me?

@LarsBjerregaard will know better, but at this point it’s almost exclusively closed source modules that have been abandoned. Bust bet it to find a substitute that is still alive.

Along these lines, I look forward to the day that the Instruo modules are available on ARM. They’ve said that’s in their plans, but I don’t know if they’re actually working on it.

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Stocaudio is one of four open source modules (of the five) without arm builds in the library which have open pull requests to fix their problems. (The fifth has disappeared from github)

If you are happy to self build then

Apply that pr and stocaudio will work fine.

If you know the author encouraging them to merge that pr and update in the library would also fix it

Personally I assume it’s abandoned.

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What Paul said above about stocaudio. More generally, I maintain this list of plugins without ARM support:

Apart from Instruo, which have publicly said they will update it, I think it’s beginning to look doubtful that any of the others will get ARM releases in the library, but who knows. Write to the authors if you care!


@LarsBjerregaard - As you know, Frequency Domain has been made open source and has been submitted to the vcv folks, so there should be an ARM build soon