Anyone to adapt Frank Buss's Formula to V2?


Formula doesn’t seem to have made its way to Rack 2. Too bad, this module is so useful! Someone with knowledge in C++ programming wants to adapt it?


I made a port to Rack V2:


I have builds of your source: /FrankBuss

add: Oh, you have binaries too now: Release Version 2.0.0 - Port to Rack 2 · Ahornberg/FrankBussRackPlugin · GitHub


I added your binaries. But I also added the source to the official library (this will will take some times).


Thanks a lot, guys!

If at some point, someone added operations based on channels of polyphonic signals, this would make the module even more terrific!


I’m fairly sure that Formula has been polyphonic for years.


but the request was to add operations based on channels of polyphonic signals, not about polyphony in general

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oh yes, I misread that.

Like a formula page instead of a single line.

out[0] = w[0] + w[1]
out[1] = out[0] / 2


Wrongpeople LUA can do something like that with 8 poly ins and 8 poly outs - something that VCV-Prototype LUA does not offer.

Not in the library, but it builds from this PR

GitHub - sumpygump/WrongPeopleVCV at v2

What functions are working in Formula now? I tried to use tanh, and it makes Rack crash.

I don’t know.

Bug reporting:


I don’t understand. do all third party module bug reports get emailed to VCV, or is “Frank Buss’s Formula” a VCV product?


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From “For third-party Rack plugins, contact the plugin developers using their contact information on the VCV Library.”

the page i linked first, but you’re right - I could have done the service and copy pasted it here.

But is a “cure for all” - they get the link, and some “bug report tips” on what to collect and from where etc.

I don’t think so and I think it’s a mistake if Andrew ever intimated such a thing. They are completely bogged down in support cases. Bugs in specific modules not from VCV should definately always be reported to the author of the module only.

Just what it says on the page I linked to.

It even says where to find that information.

Perhaps I should have written: " But the page is a “cure for all" - it has instructions on what information should be collected and where bugs should be reported - Instead of copying/rewriting that information, I will just paste the link to it - this allows for an easy way of changing the information, if procedures change in the future"

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