Anyone interested in playing ''musical pals''?

sure you can record it,
I also find this quit good for a quick and intuitional collaboration,
I listened to it for some time now, not much I would improve :wink:

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Here’s one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

patch2_MP_Coirt_073019_001.vcv (147.1 KB)

Probably best to use non-commercial for patch compatibility.

The clock / gate signal is triggering the drip sound on one band. Basically listening to the gate pulse which is then sent to clouds then a copy sent to a second channel on the mixer where it gets inverted to remove the initial attack of the gate signal. What is left over is the frequency of one band and clouds’s effects. The lfo’s are just trimmed/clamped so the wave is intact but trimmed to the voltages set. The range of voltages is setting frequency / mod source range.


Very interesting sounds ! I’m not sure i understand everything (not yet familiar with your modules, which look very nice) , but i love how it sounds ! I’m a bit busy today, but i’ll try to add a voice later if i can :blush:

Right… updated original

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Very interesting ! Thank you so much for explaining !

I came up with something new ! a weird little bassline :grinning:
patch2_MP_Coirt&Olival_073019_001.vcv (158.8 KB)

I added a little mixer with a reverb send too :wink:


Musical Pals Choose Your Own Adventure Edition? lol sorry, maybe just skip mine since Olival beat me to it. I was messing with this last night and didn’t realize someone else could be working on it too. I probably went too far, but adjusted the Rack, isolated the drip a bit more, and added some Rings ambient action to balance the spectral madness. Anyway, I had fun with this drip sound, good stuff!
patch2_MP_Coirt & Adi_073019_001.vcv (114.6 KB)

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Getting a crash when loading this. Think it might be to do with your plugin versions.

[16.171 info src/engine/Module.cpp:113] Patch created with Bark v1.0.4, currently using v1.1.1.

I’m on the latest updates

Weird, I just tried it Olival’s and it loaded right up, I think I’m using all current updates too. Bass sounds really cool btw!

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It’s weird… I have last versions i’m sure, i download your modules this morning haha. I will try to reupload the file when i’m back at my pc :wink:
@AdiQ Thanks ! I will listen to your part later too, maybe we can do like last time, and merge our 2 parts :smile:

Ok, so i redownloaded your modules just to be sure, let’s see if it works this time :
patch2_MP_Coirt&Olival_073019_001.vcv (158.8 KB)

@AdiQ Love your thing too ! It goes really well with what was already there :wink:

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I merged the versions of the patch2 from Adi and Olival together and edited them a bit,
sorry Olival, I needed to adjust your bassline a bit to my taste :wink:
give it some time, it changes slowly over time

so here is my new version:
patch2_MP_Coirt_Adi_Olival_rsmus7_073019_001.vcv (164.8 KB)


Adi’s is the only one that is not crashing. @AdiQ could you save/upload both patches?

Nice job @rsmus7, I couldn’t help myself, its laundry day and this is fun, messed with the bass notes and probability of the drip echoes… patch2_MP_Coirt_Adi_Olival_rsmus7_073019_002.vcv (164.9 KB) I just put 2 at the end of the patch name to differentiate the files

And @Coirt , here’s rsmus7’s original file before I messed with it again: patch2_MP_Coirt_Adi_Olival_rsmus7_073019_001.vcv (164.7 KB) I muted the mixer and resaved.

edit: and here’s Olival’s latest version resaved: patch2_MP_Coirt&Olival_073019_001.vcv (158.8 KB) I still really like his bass sound, I just think the timing of the whole patch needs to be adjusted. Someone could easily take this in a non-ambient more synthy direction:)


I think it might be your rack version, did you complie it yourself? maybe there is something going on?
are you on Win? I use Win10, had no problems to load all files.

All 3 are crashing now :laughing: the last one(s) you’s did load fine.

nice additions Adi,
I took it a little further and Vultified it a bit, now at version 003

patch2_MP_Coirt_Adi_Olival_rsmus7_073019_003.vcv (176.3 KB)

we use directsound as audio in the patch what would you like?
here are the latest versions:
patch2_MP_Coirt_Adi_Olival_rsmus7_073019_003_ASIO.vcv (176.3 KB)

patch2_MP_Coirt_Adi_Olival_rsmus7_073019_003_Wasapi.vcv (176.3 KB)

Wow ! This is sounding awesome already ! I love it ^^

here is a version where I deleted the Audio module, all bark modules say they are at 1.1.1
patch2_MP_Coirt_Adi_Olival_rsmus7_073019_003_NO-Audio.vcv (213.3 KB)

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