Anybody going to NAMM / LA this week?

Just wondering if anyone is there too. I’m flying over the pond tomorrow and will be at booth #15713 with SESSIONDESK , feel free to say „Hi“. Or suggest a spot to meet if there are more of us in LA during these days.

Won’t be there but would love any reports on 4ms’s Meta module from anybody going.


That excited me too. Bummer its module selection is so limited though.

Is there a list somewhere now?

More concerning is that 4ms is one of only three Eurorack manufacturers at NAMM this year (Modbap and Morphor are the the other two).

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“ We are still adding new modules. The 4ms modules will be available as well as Befaco’s modules and some Mutuable Instruments clones. We’re adding the HetrickCV and Nonlinear Circuit modules now, and more are planned. If you are a developer, running your own VCV Rack Modules or custom DSP code on the Meta Module is fairly easy.”


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Thanks. That’s been there for a while, I think. I know from a couple of MW threads that some others have requested to have modules added.

Hopefully, all will become clear in due course!

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I’ll be there, but walking the floor instead of a booth.

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Yes, developers of free modules are eager for more and more platforms to support. It’s super fun.


Yeah thats kinda what i was reading in that sentence. Vcv devs will support it, build it yourself, or out of luck…

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I can entirely understand that sentiment, and I don’t expect most modules to be available for that very reason.

From a usability perspective, I expect it to be a nightmare to patch in the module, and if I get one I doubt if I would even try, nor do I imagine running complex patches at all. I am most interested in sequencers that make the platform, and in certain individual modules that may make it across.

It’s a long shot, given that they are commercial modules, but I am hoping, possibly beyond hope, that the Synthesis Technology modules make it to the platform once the last handful that are available to purchase anywhere have been sold.

From a selfish point of view I would love to own a 520 but can’t bring myself to buy one because the manufacturer has gone, there is one shop in Arizona managing warranty repairs, but future repairs are uncertain. Analogue modules are generally repairable; digital modules are a different proposition entirely, especially for a DIYer. Analogue modules might reasonably be expected to still run in 30 years; good luck getting the current processors in digital modules in 10 years.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens. At least 4ms are bringing at least some of their modules to VCV. Their new dual shaped env VCA looks to be a lovely module.

The Meta module, it might be noted, has been greeted with derision in some quarters over on MW!


Derision on what grounds?

Are you allowed to take photos, can you post some for us? I would love to see what its like… :eyes:

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lol didn’t know behringer did marbles for 99 bucks

Oh, absolutely I can, my dude - any vendor in particular you’d like me to shoot?

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Amazing, anything eurorack would be great, but I am especially interested in 4MS since they were not at at Machina Bristronica and the modules I have from them are some of my favorites.

I’m not sure whos going to be there but it would be cool to see anything from Solar, Neural DSP, Fractal Audio Systems, Strymon, Eventide, Landscape… so many, I can’t think of all that would be interesting

If you see any cool looking controllers or guitars that would be cool too

:sunglasses: thanks for being awesome

You got it! And, yes, there will definitely be guitar pics; it’s my primary instrument :guitar:

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I forced myself back onto Instagram at the start of the week, cos of (marketing) reasons. now this has just popped into my feed :money_mouth_face:

My wallet is going to regret going back to the socials

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There’s been a bit of anticipation for this since 4ms purchased it. Looks good. Hoping they may do a DIY version given the generous layout. Great to see the -5v to +10v range.

I think an expensive stall at NAMM is going to be worthwhile for them this year, given their recent very solid EGs, Meta and now this.

Oh, they didn’t design it? Who did?