Anybody going to NAMM / LA this week?

I understand it to be an evolution of this:

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I guess (!) it’s a good thing that you can dip your toe in, purchase one, flip the panel and flash the firmware, and have the other … before you probably end up purchasing both :wink:

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Oh yeah, that’s so similar that its got to be…

edit: interesting, I didn’t see them on modular grid even though I check it at least once a week to see if new modules are around

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So, the Meta has versions of 4MS’ own modules on it, that means we will get those in VCV Rack when the module is launched, right? Right?!?

edit: k just watched this vid, the catalyst seems cool

I was disappointed when he said that Meta is not running VCV, you can just use VCV to make patches, and the put them on Meta I guess. The screen really is too small, I love the innovation, super awesome that they are exploring this, but I just don’t think this is a module that I would use much when I can literally just pipe sounds directly out of the real VCV on my PC into my modular setup, or vice versa :dotted_line_face:


Some people make enormous efforts to not have a “computer” on stage. Maybe it’s the keyboard. Maybe it’s the phenomenon - “oh they’re using a computer, they must not be a musician.”

All rather silly when so many synths are computers with a different-shaped keyboard.


:grin: and this is a computer in a module shape, a computer that is considerably less powerful than my desktop computer, but I guess much more portable… I’ve never had the need or urge to move my modular around, I like its monolithic stature

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oooo, fancy

not sure i can justify the price though, already got quite a few “controllers”, most are not mpe though, so maybe…

So, here’s some pics from today (if they post correctly)…much more to see tomorrow and Sunday: