Any ideas on which modules would get close to the QU-BIT Data Bender?

Watching this video…

…and really love the initial subtle use of the data bender to occasionally provide spurts of repeats and very musical glitching even though as shown later it can also be used to make super saturated and spikey noisescapes.

What modules would people suggest I look at to build that ability for something that can play a sequence or generate walks on a scale, but can be made to fly off into repeats on occasion?


There are several VCV sequencers that have a “ratchet” feature, which is what this is called.

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Yes, but specifically the ability to assign a probability to the ratchet happening and to not have it always be the same length?

nysthi ratchet?

I’ve not used the Qu-Bit Bender so I don’t really know.

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reburst has repetitions and other factors changeable by cv, and you can put a bernoulli gate in front of the burst input.


Marbles can do that, also Grids with random gates into the fill inputs or with swing and/or chaos turned up.


Cheers all, will try options out tonight hopefully after work. :ballot_box_with_check:

Mark, there are also other modules - ‘Ratchets’ - a sequencer. That might do the job?

-Topograph for the Mutable Grids?

VCV Library - JLmod Ratchets (

VCV Library - Valley Topograph (

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+1 marbles. Complex but learning it (if you have not yet) is helpful. Can do this and more. It always inspires good stuff for me.

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Stoermelder MAZE and HIVE also have variable length ratchets with configurable probability.

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This brought me here :

Bravo Xander, this is gorgeous :heart_eyes: