Announcing wiqid anomalies

i made some modules, now in open beta. testing and feedback welcome!

description here:


Mac version anyone?

breaf descriptions of them?

chaotic lfos


Sounds good. Did you consider making one slightly larger lfo with a mode switch rather than all the smalle ones?


Whoa! Read it, downloaded, installed, having fun!!! Thanks for this Ben! Also, here have a beer on me. :beers:

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Had me at “chaotic lfos”!

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yes, but this is simpler

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Yay Ben, your own plugin! I have no idea whether you’ve done audio coding before, so… I played around with these briefly yesterday and I must say the signals coming out of these seem highly useful. Looks like they’ll already be on my top shelf for semi-random CV values. Some of them also seemed really useful for semi-random pitch values used in generative melodies, good stuff. Well done and thanks Ben! Personally I would have liked a bit more contrast in the labelling but otherwise I really like the proportions of these modules, close to perfect in my book.


glad you like them! i don’t really have much experience with audio coding. i’ve done some scripting on linux in the past, and looked at getting into programming, but never found a serious project before that inspired me.

a year ago i started modding a vcv rack module called strange attractors by nohmad, to make it go slower, and use it for slow cv modulation. that’s what started off my new collection of modules. and then the repelzen project came up, so now i’m finally up and running, while learning as i go.


That’s really great to hear Ben. Looking forward to see what else will come from your hands!

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Why not bipolar functions? :slight_smile:
Nice graphics.

the graphics seems pretty nice, agreed, but I think you should add the screws to keep the eurorack feeling

how do you mean?

i really dislike those. they are non-functional and often distracting. i consider them to be clutter.

similarly, i am not a fan of the hyper-skeuomorphic design some modules use. some depth is fine, but trying very hard to look exactly like hardware with very realistic 3d is just not something i like in software. i prefer more minimalist and functional gui design.


But screws are such a good place to put easter eggs.:grinning:


I mean to have the excursion between + 5V and -5V. With the oscilloscope I see only positive voltages.
NO! Sorry, I’m stupid! There are! Sorry again.
But perhaps being able to choose between -5V - + 5v and 0V -10V could be useful.

Tested the languor this afternoon but got only very very small signals from the third outputs.

Any idea whats wrong?

true. or, as jw did, you could use them for a logo.