Angelical Organic Voices?

I love to play with sine waves to create binaural beats and such but Im tired of the synthetic feeling of it. Could someone please pass me a patch or, even better, ideas in order to get an Angelic/Choir/Mantra like voice, or anything similar? I know it is totally posible I have tried to get it multiple times but still missing it.

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Do you mean synthesizing a human voice?

There are some vocal dormant filters around that help get choir like sounds. Our “Formants” for example.

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Not necessarily. Im looking for something that sounds etherial but still organic and not synthy (like a church choir for example).

Then you will need a sampler and recordings of a real choir.

Yes but would love to be able to micro-tune play-it & be able to play with the initial parameters of the pre-recording, such as the number off “people” or voices in the chorus, the size of the room, etc.

Syntetizing a human voice (that doesn’t sounds like a robot) would definetly be Gold.

If you want something that doesn’t sounds like a robot just use samples. Take a look at

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Thanks for your answer. Anyways, I know there are physical modeling ways to construct a human voice without sounding like a robot. I just dont know them, but Im determined in figure it out.

Good luck!

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I’d imagine there are (vst, etc.) plugins dedicated to the cause that work in the ways described. It might be hard work inside of the written vcv modules alone, but there might be a way. Good luck.

Maybe take a look at GitHub - stakira/OpenUtau: Open source UTAU editing environment. or the commercial product VOCALOID – the modern singing synthesizer –

But at the end it’s much easier to find some good singers to do the job.

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This music was recorded in 1975, so all analog here (I love it)


Ok, someone here up to try the absurd to achieve the imposible? Lets make it happen.

It’s not rack but it can be hosted in vcv , Klevgrnd just released their vocal synth: Pipa - Expressive Vocal Synth

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I have found via Roger Knight a Google -‘Blob Opera choir’, record that whilst they sing that gives a beautiful choir. As for synthesising a choir, don’t know, but if you can achieve that, that would be wonderful. Have a look at this patch of mine, see if you improve on that: Depths of Neptune | Patchstorage

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Oh yes :heart: This seems very promising.

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Thanks! Lets see what I can transform from it.

Maybe the Haken Continuum could be interesting (although it is a very expensive piece of hardware)

VCV Rack - Formant (Talking) Synth From Scratch Tutorial and Jaaaaaammm [Tiny Tricks][Mind Meld] - YouTube

Another great method from Husken Driller-DAF vocal synth method. That makes some nice vocal formants.

Another method:

Creating a vocal formant speaking voice in VCV Rack | Patchstorage


Creating a vocal formant speaking voice in VCV Rack | Patchstorage

Formant Synthesis in VCV Rack - YouTube