Analog modelled oscillators?

The new wasp filter is getting me super hyped in VCV. Its also re-igniting my love for the vult modules as well. Its super nice to see Cytomic and Vult go back and forth on the community page about their modelling as well.

While Rack has plenty of filter options most of them sound like classic soft synth filter stuff to my ears. Certainly useful in some situations but they are generally not what i’m actively seeking.

So that brings me to question are there any oscillators for rack that are analog modelled like these filters?

The vult ones? Instruo model drift, don’t know about other things…

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Maybe try Lindenberg oscillators, which are still in beta, but should soon be up,
and the Slime Child Audio Sub oscillator

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I’m interested in this as well. Looking for analog modeled modules.

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