Al's Rack Patches

That was lovely. Thanks for sharing.

You had me at ambient. Very well done! :sunglasses:

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Thanks guys, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

VCV Rack Patch, inspired by Omri Cohen’s excellent tutorial about the Shift Register Module from ML, and the use of the delay in Clocked to get a strum effect on the macro oscillators, I added a little bit of random from a Bernoulli gate, some bass drones from a resonator pair and a couple of tiny sawish vco’s all feeding off the chord put into the Quantum and the output from the shift register. The result - a pleasant restful little piece with a light Japanese pentatonic flavour. It should go well with some finely sliced fresh tuna and a mung bean salad.

Patch here: Blow_Pluk.vcv (34 KB)

Sounds good to me. :sunglasses:

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My first dive into Dexter inspired by the excellent patch from Lars


Ahhhh, that’s just lovely. Thanks Al! It’s so weird when it says “no views” on the YT video, when people have clearly viewed it. They have clearly changed their counting mechanism. Maybe it doesn’t count embedded views at all any more. Strange…

Lovely, so relaxing. You’re good at this Al :slight_smile:

Aha! Let the battle begin… no, not really :smile:
That’s a wonderful patch Al, I really like it. Love those bass swells, and all the voices are so wonderfully balanced and played against each other. Great soundscape, really well done!

Thanks a lot Lars, only scratched the surface but your Dexter patch is one of the richest I’ve come across so far.

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Todays patch, more delving around with a huge cathedral sound, thanks to Plateau. This one uses sawtooth wave table and C maj9th chording. Rampage provides the theatrical swells. Three macro oscillators provide the soprano voicings. Its a pretty simple patch.

Patch:dex_church.vcv (34.4 KB)

First dextrose and now fructose… I wonder what sweetness will be next. Wonderful patch Al, so rich with sound. I really enjoyed it.

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Thanks Lars - looking forward to hearing your next patch :slight_smile:

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Galactose - more Dexter delvings with assistance from Turing machine, Plateau, Resonator and the essential quantum. Having so much fun with VCV rack :slight_smile:

C minor with inversions and a simple 3-chord sequence, plus a gently off-beat kick and hi-hats courtesy a couple of Bernoulli filters.
Patch: Galactose.vcv (38.7 KB)

Simply beautiful.

Lactose - Todays dexter patch with a 32-step sequencer patten over some moody Dexter chord changes


Very nice Al!

Following Omri’s excellent introduction video tot eh Klee Sequencer, this little composition is the result.

Had to add a couple of my favourite ingredients - ping pong echo on one of the four sequence track, a pair of background resonators feeding off a Bernoulli gate, and a Turing Machine triggering macro oscillator for the melody line.
Klee looks amazing, a multitude of different patterns at the flick of a couple of switches.

Wow, Al you got so many good patches in here I apparently missed. This Galactose one is especially yummy!

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Gorgeous patch Al! I love it. You’re one of my new favorite musicians. And yeah, the Klee is amazing.

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