Al's Rack Patches

(Alheeley) #1

Building on from another excellent tutorial from Omri, this is one of my first composition and screenshot attempt based on VCV rack. Steep learning curve but entirely fascinating - thanks to a great creative community here :slight_smile:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #2

That’s a nice tune Al

(Alheeley) #3

Thanks Lars. Along similar lines here’s a simple 1-4-5 progression in E major
Apologies for a couple of sound stutters :frowning:
Consists of three Resonator modules tuned to E, Ab, B, modulation driven by the TriLFO,
Seven step sequencer running through E-tuned Quantum,
8-step Turing Machine into E-tuned Quantum, fed into stereo echo and then into the fabulous Plateau reverb,
Whole 4-chord sequence driven by Constants running from SS-2 Sequential switch module.

(Adi Quinn) #4

wow, you got some musical skills @alheeley , both pieces are great, but i absolutely love the vibe of this first one, the sounds and composition are super well done. Really glad you started a music thread, i’ll be staying tuned!

(Alheeley) #5

Thank you very much for your positive comments! Very new to this modular stuff.

(Wouter Spekkink) #6

Wow, some very good patching ideas in here, and it sounds great!

(Jim Frye) #7

Nice work. Very enjoyable listening. :slight_smile:

(Alheeley) #8

Thanks guys - still a pile of stuff to get the hang of.

(Alheeley) #9

A short variant of previous patch, tempo slowed, 4-chord sequence, really enjoying playing around with the sequences, chord progression and keys on this patch. Very restful, especially good in headphones.

(Alheeley) #10

The slightly sinister march of the WTX4 - with a nod to Omri for more tutorial inspiration this uses a couple of drones - macro oscillator and squinty saws, through Constants & sequential switch to alternate between Eb and c sharp chords, with a 7-step seq-3 through delay unit with some crazy fast L-R panning for stereo effect, and a basic driving drum rhythm to round it off.

(Alheeley) #11

Ambient drone patch with slow slewing between chords, mix of modulated sawtooth vci’s and macro osc.

(Jim Frye) #12

Very cool drone. I like it a lot. :slight_smile:

(John Tarvin) #13

Lovely piece! I need to play with the Resonator modules some more. Thanks for sharing!

(Alheeley) #14

Thanks for the positive comments guys! Next up I’m experimenting with hooking up a little midi controller keyboard to add some melody

(Lars Bjerregaard) #15

That sounds amazing Al, I love it, well done!

(Alheeley) #16

Cheers Lars - much appreciated!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #17

Wonderful! Love it!

(Alheeley) #18

More fun with slow slew drone chords, 3 Basal VCO’s feeding into their own constants and sequential switch modules but each has own bernoulli gate which randomises if each oscillator steps up or down the sequence.slow gongs_2.vcv (31.3 KB)

(Jim Frye) #19

Very smooth and fluid. Very slewy. :slight_smile:

(Alheeley) #20

A simple ambient cycle using a couple of resonators, duel delay and a modulated EvenVCO to provide the bass, through a 4-chord sequence. Twinkly bits courtesy Seq-3 through Quantum using sequential switching to shift tone up 5 semitones, all feeding into the glorious Plateau reverb.

Patch here:twinkler.vcv (33.0 KB)