Al's Rack Patches

Building on from another excellent tutorial from Omri, this is one of my first composition and screenshot attempt based on VCV rack. Steep learning curve but entirely fascinating - thanks to a great creative community here :slight_smile:


That’s a nice tune Al

Thanks Lars. Along similar lines here’s a simple 1-4-5 progression in E major
Apologies for a couple of sound stutters :frowning:
Consists of three Resonator modules tuned to E, Ab, B, modulation driven by the TriLFO,
Seven step sequencer running through E-tuned Quantum,
8-step Turing Machine into E-tuned Quantum, fed into stereo echo and then into the fabulous Plateau reverb,
Whole 4-chord sequence driven by Constants running from SS-2 Sequential switch module.


wow, you got some musical skills @alheeley , both pieces are great, but i absolutely love the vibe of this first one, the sounds and composition are super well done. Really glad you started a music thread, i’ll be staying tuned!

Thank you very much for your positive comments! Very new to this modular stuff.

Wow, some very good patching ideas in here, and it sounds great!

Nice work. Very enjoyable listening. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys - still a pile of stuff to get the hang of.

A short variant of previous patch, tempo slowed, 4-chord sequence, really enjoying playing around with the sequences, chord progression and keys on this patch. Very restful, especially good in headphones.

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The slightly sinister march of the WTX4 - with a nod to Omri for more tutorial inspiration this uses a couple of drones - macro oscillator and squinty saws, through Constants & sequential switch to alternate between Eb and c sharp chords, with a 7-step seq-3 through delay unit with some crazy fast L-R panning for stereo effect, and a basic driving drum rhythm to round it off.


Ambient drone patch with slow slewing between chords, mix of modulated sawtooth vci’s and macro osc.

Very cool drone. I like it a lot. :slight_smile:

Lovely piece! I need to play with the Resonator modules some more. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the positive comments guys! Next up I’m experimenting with hooking up a little midi controller keyboard to add some melody

That sounds amazing Al, I love it, well done!

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Cheers Lars - much appreciated!

Wonderful! Love it!

More fun with slow slew drone chords, 3 Basal VCO’s feeding into their own constants and sequential switch modules but each has own bernoulli gate which randomises if each oscillator steps up or down the sequence.slow gongs_2.vcv (31.3 KB)

Very smooth and fluid. Very slewy. :slight_smile:

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A simple ambient cycle using a couple of resonators, duel delay and a modulated EvenVCO to provide the bass, through a 4-chord sequence. Twinkly bits courtesy Seq-3 through Quantum using sequential switching to shift tone up 5 semitones, all feeding into the glorious Plateau reverb.

Patch here:twinkler.vcv (33.0 KB)