ALM / Busy Circuits Pamela’s PRO Workout, Pip Slope, and MCO

Pamela’s PRO Workout by ALM / Busy Circuits is now available for VCV Rack, matching all functionality of the popular hardware Eurorack module. Includes the AXON-2 expander for just $20 on the VCV Library.

Pip Slope (a compact envelope generator) and MCO (a digital VCO with morphing wavetables) are now available for free.

Download now at ALM - ALM VCV Modules ALM-VCV


That’s a great demo, I love the crunchy sounds and the pads at the end. I’ll grab the free modules and probably buy MFX, not sure I need Pam’s but it’s good to have the option of such a widely used hardware module in Rack.

If anyone else has seen the video ALM put out about syncing Pam’s Pro with a DAW

…and was looking for the free Pam Sync DAW plugin I found it here…


Pams is a great addition but is that blue encoder errartic as hell, it’s difficult to dial in sometimes, or is it just me?

The PAM sync VST also works with other clock generators as well like Impromptu Clocked. Just match the settings like PPQN to x24.

the blue button works with the keyboard shortcuts enabled,
I can edit the parameters when I use the → ´ ← key and the mouse
(on my german layout - qwertz - keyboard)

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I have set PPQN to x24 on Impromptu Clocked. But Pamela reducing the bpm from 120 to 115. =(

I suspect the code behind is still optimised for fingers and that doesn’t translate well into mouse control? I find that if I’m gentle in clicking and dragging, it works alright.

For knobs and sliders in Rack, you get finer control holding Ctrl as you drag. Shift gives you coarser (faster) changes. Right click lets you type an exact value.

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Oh, I know. Of course:) But PPW’s encoder is indeed a bit strange in that when you want crank a value up to 100%, quickly, as you do, it might stop at, say, 92%. But again, I’ve gotten used to it: a ~deliberately slow mouse movement does it.