Akai MidiMix as Control Surface for VCV Rack

I am really thinking this is a great value, so many knobs and sliders for around $75 used. Thinking about getting another one. Do you guys use these devices or another better one?

Regarding the 16 buttons on the device, I used the MidiMix setup tool in Mac OS and changed the buttons from Notes to CC and it works in VCV Rack, however all the buttons behave as momentary switches. I’d like when I press mute button, that the track/channel stay muted in the MixMaster module, is this possible? It only stays muted so long as I keep it pressed down.

@schabbes and @LarsBjerregaard comes up if you search the forum for “AKAI Midimix”.

I’m not sure if the mute buttons work as toggles with Stoermelder MIDI-CAT feedback ?
You could try, by getting the dev version of the plugin collection here: Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub

I bought a nice 16n fader recently - it only does 7-bit midi CC - but it’s opensource FW, so I will make it work as a 14-bit CC device (12bit converters sending CC and CC+32 values). It has no buttons, but CV outputs (5V or 10V), USB and 5-pin DIN MIDI and I2C output. A solid build with good faders (ALPS RS6011SP6003, 30000 cycles operating life)

GitHub - AtoVproject/16n-AtoVproject-rework: Redesign of the 16n Faderbank fo the Berlin Modular Community

Oh that must be really sweet having 16 high quality ALPS faders for MixMaster 16 module (or the like) in VCV Rack :slight_smile: Nice that it can be used as an actual eurorack module as well. These faders on the midimix are better than other cheap units, but could have a much longer throw and smoother movements… the ALPS ones must be very nice. I could make my own controller with custom faders / knobs with arduino, but it’s a lot of work especially to make a plate and/or housing for it… the last one I made, was an enclosure made of chipboard lol.


“Pusherman” sells pcb’s and panels for the 16n faders

I have a midimix, I prefer my novation zero sl mk ii for use with VCV, longer faders & more flexible, can be had on ebay for as little as £60.

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These have sh*tty faders:


AND it lost one of 4 backlights

Yes, that’s the mk i, mk ii are much nicer.

Watching an old review of this Novation Zero SL MkII right now. I like how it sits high and angled I coudl probably sit the akai midimix and apc mini in front of it and have access to it all :slight_smile: Or perfect to sit my keyboard in front of.

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There are feet that slot in underneath that provide the tilt. I have two, one came without the feet, I had to make equivalents from plywood but then I had real feet to use as a template, so if buying second hand, be aware of the possibility you might not get the feet with it.

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I don’t know if this was answered.
But you can set this behaviour in right click menu for Mixmaster: Mute/Solo CV

Choose between Trigger / Gate


Yes, you can set the behaviour of the mute and solo buttons in the right click menu of MixMaster. You can also set the behaviour of the mapping in stoermelder MIDI-CAT.

The MidiMix works fine, but the faders and knobs are small and the haptic feeling is not great, also you only have one user template.

The Akai LaunchControl XL costs just a little more but has very nice faders and knobs and some 4-color-LEDs and multiple user templates. My only complaint with it is that the LEDs make a ittle bit of noise, so I keep them off.

Would be sweet if there was an affordable mixer like this which could function purely as a midi controller :slight_smile: Look at all those knobs and faders :slight_smile:

I wonder if people have moddd old mixing consoles like with an arduino or wahtever other controller, converting it into a midi controller.

I did try changing it from trigger toggle (default) to gate and back, both behaved the same, always momentary switch… when you release it doesn’t keep the last state.

I looked in the library and don’t see any midi-cat module or anything by stoermelder.

Here’s a screen recording of what I am trying to do with respect to mapping MidiMax mute button to MixMaster. probably doing smething wrong i guess. Doesn’t work eitehr setting in the menu.

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oh… right… it only works for the cv inputs that are available with the expander…

stoermelder is still working on the port for V2, but you can get a working build here:

I have the MidiMix and it’s allright but only if you consider dirt-cheap. The faders are good, the buttons are allright, the knobs are miserable. If you can afford a bit more I would definately recommend the Novation Launch Control XL instead, which is high quality and lots of Rack users in here have it and speaks its praises:


I’ve never tried to get MIDI out to the MidiMix for button ligths and all that, don’t really need it, but it works fine as mutes in Mindmeld Mixer. You use the MIDI-GATE module for the mutes and the MIDI CC-CV module for the faders, and then I have one MIDI-MAP for the master volume, like so:

Thanks for this! I got all the mute/solo buttons working with the MIDI-GATE module! I used MIDI MAP for all the faders as I like seeing the faders go up and down on the screen matching the MIDIMIX.


Is there any way to map the 4 unused buttons on the midimix? “send all, bank left, bank right, and solo” ? Would be nice to some way utilize these… say for reset or run etc.

The send-all button can’t be mapped, it’s “special”, but the other 3 can be mapped just as the others, using e.g. MIDI-GATE, I just tried it.

Thank you so much, I see that they do work and are sending MIDI notes :slight_smile: Added another MIDI-GATE for those 3 buttons and added a NOTES module to the left of this entire selection set explaining it all.

Here’s my current selection, for all the buttons and faders for my MIDIMix. The knobs will be associated with various other selections, e.g. a row of 8 knobs for a set of modules comprising a voice.

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