stoermelder's Idea und Development Thread

Hello Ben, welcome to soldering family - your modules look great! Thank you for your update about PackOne. Any visions about PackTau and VCV Rack 2? :crazy_face: I am just asking… All the best, have a nice day and relaxing soldering time!

These modules look sweet!

Thanks for doing the work you’ve done already. As soon as 8face worked in Rack2 I could switch over completely!

I don’t know what my record is for 8face controlled modules, but it’s somewhere around 30.

Rack2 seems to be a good sport about pumping json to all those modules, it hasn’t blown up once!

PackOne on Rack 2 at the end of December ??? Please make it happen :wink: Thanks…

It’s already there …Just download from Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub the plugin for your OS and place it in the plugins folder under your Rack2 directory

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I just realised you already have MIDI-KEY in there! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Doesn’t seem to work for now, though… but I’m happy this is a thing now.

This is what I did to get it working. Hope this might help someone:

  1. go here (Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub) and download the .vcvplugin file for your platform.
  2. move that file into your plugins folder (e.g. Documents/Rack 2/plugins)
  3. Make sure that you have “Add All” chosen from here (VCV Library - Plugins)
  4. If you have Rack open, quit it and open it again

For clarification, “Add All” adds the current modules within the plugin to your Rack module browser. In the future, any new modules included in the plugin won’t appear within Rack unless you go back to the library and manually add them. If you “Subscribe” you always automatically get all the plugin’s modules, including any new ones, in the Rack module browser.


I was about to say “I don’t see add all” in the library. But now I see that there are two library pages - one you get to from VCV (and that google take me to), the other one where “add all” is an option I guess you just need to bookmark that one so you don’t forget it?

I’m probably missing something. What is it?

I really appreciate the help from folks in here. I was lost without Glue.

I found it by clicking on PLUGINS (next to RESET FILTERS) on the main Library page.

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Just a quick update: My plugin is still not available in the VCV Library.
The main reason is that all my mapping modules consume high to massive amount of CPU ressources within the VST plugin. I believe this is because any parameter change on a module is propagated to the VST host for automation etc. I’ve reported this issue a few weeks ago but haven’t heard back from VCV support yet.
I don’t think it is in anyone’s interest to have modules available which cause crackling and are pratically unusable.


You might try emailing VCV again Ben. I have found they have been pretty responsive recently and it might be your email just got ‘lost’ in all the support emails generated with the release of v2. A few weeks is certainly a reasonable amount of time to follow up if you haven’t had a reply.

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Thanks, done.


Hopefully @pgatt or @vortico or someone else on the inside can help? VCV2 needs Stoermelder! :muscle:


Yes true. When morphing while using Transit especially right? Even on the lowest CPU setting for the morph, it maxes out the information the VST can process or something.

Hey @stoermelder,

any updates yet? Have you heard from VCV? I really miss your modules, especially Transit and 8Face for “Presets”.

I got response that VCV support received my message and that they are looking into it. No progress as far as I can tell.


Unfortunately Rack 2.0.6 has not fixed this problem yet.

Hopefully soon though!

my workaround so far is just using 8face in standalone mode preferably not saving the state of modules directly if possible but of constant voltage modules connected to them , in the case of sequencers that have patterns I would start with 8face flashing out ideas then transfer them to the sequencer own memory. (with the handy copy and paste…) .

perhaps a module that only save presets for constant voltages will work better in the vst version ?

Not sure what you mean by that. 8FACE has no problems in the VST as far as I am aware of, nevertheless I’m waiting for a statement by support before doing any special workarounds.