AHR Envelope?

Good evening. Is there an AHR (Attack, Hold, Release) envelope in the Rack? Or is there a way to recreate that behavior across other modules? For fun and to test my design skills, I’m recreating the Volca Modular (which I own hardware) in VCV Rack, and the envelope is pretty much the only thing I can’t find. I found AD, ASR, DADSR, of course the classic ADSR, but no AHR. For the moment I am using a classic ADSR pretending that there is no sustain, keeping it at 0, and leaving the decay in default, just touch attack and release.

You could use DHE-Modules to build your own envelope or use bogaudios DADSR(H) with the stages you need or use shapemaster to build an envelope. Oh and Vult Spank of course, which is an AHD envelope, should be same as an AHR. Ha, and Nysthis Poly DAHD. And Bogaudio VISH. And SV Modular Baronial. And last Edit: If you ask Dave, he will build you one out of a few VCV Fundamentals :slight_smile:


yes nysthi:DAHD (Delay attack hold decay)


Damn I was just grabbing the link!

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To use an ADSR as an AHR envelope you would want Decay at 0 (so there is no drop off after the attack) and sustain at 100% (so that max level is Held while gate is high). Attack and Release to taste.

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if you want a SUSTAIN (not an HOLD)

That would be an ASR, I think Hold is a duration, not a level, and works with triggers.

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Vish I am already using it. The Volca has two envelopes, a main AHR and a secondary Fall-Rise, I am using the Vish as a Fall-Rise. I have tried ASR, AD and ASR as the main envelope but they have not thrilled me, although maybe I have the wrong connection.

I put several envelopes (Nysthi / Bogaudio) in the VCA input of the LPG (Bogaudio) but I didn’t get anything of what I was hoping for, in the end I resigned myself and I inserted an VCV ADSR in the CV input of the VCV mixer, where I probably should have tried the other envelopes as well hahaha

Perhaps on a technical level for an expert, sustain is not the same as hold … But for me the result is satisfactory :smiley:

Hold is a duration for sure, but if there is no decay, then it holds at the max level reached at the end of the attack phase.

Release’ to me means ‘after gate has ended’ - so an AHR envelope requires a gate and the hold period lasts for the time gate is high

Whereas an AHD envelope like spank works with triggers and the hold period is a duration set by knob or CV.

At least that’s how I understand it. I’m not sure there’s really any difference between an AHR and an ASR. Because if you have an AHR that works with triggers, it’s actually an AHD.

I forgot also the nysthi 208 envelope is an AHR

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yes Hold is a duration (like the trapezoid EMS and the buchla env)

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It seemed strange to me that on 2000 modules there was no AHR hahaha

*It’s not AHR, is AHD

I agree on release, but from my understanding “Hold” is holding the level on which the earlier stage ended and has no level information itself. That’s what happens when you use DHE to build an envelope. There are of course a lot of different interpretations of Hold. For Bogaudio DADSR(H) for example Hold defines the time a trigger is held as a gate. So if you set Hold to 4 seconds, delay, attack and decay to 1 second each, the sustain phase is 1 second long. In this case Hold is more of a trigger-to-gate conversion.

Yes I agree.

I think I solved it with a simple ADSR following Steve’s advice.

As for the Fall-Rise instead I put a Rampage, because it works exactly like the Fall-Rise of the Volca. While I also observed through the oscilloscope that Bogaudio’s Fall-Rise works differently, I also tried Befaco’s Slew Limiter but it does the same job as Bogaudio, so I chose the Rampage of which I will not exploit all the potential.

It’s not really the same thing, but the ADSR in Kitchen Sink FM VCO has an option called “snap” that tries to emulate the moog adsr by “smooshing” the top down. It makes it into an AHDSR where the H time is in the ballpark of the longer of the A and D times.

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Apparently there isn’t quite the same thing, and I’m not as good at building it as someone suggested above. In these days I will do a little experiment with everything you have suggested to me and in the end I will choose which one I prefer.

Thanks anyway to everyone, every time someone looks for a solution, you give them 100 :smiley:

Here is the project.

If anyone is interested in playing it or maybe can give me other suggestions to improve it.