Hi all. started learning VCV 3 weeks ago and this thread will document my ‘programming’ here’s the first one. I’m on IG if you want to follow.

Thank for visualistening!

AFTERVOLTER- Liquids dream of long range signals



AFTERVOLTER: microscenes for two oscillators


AFTERVOLTER: sequencies

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AFTERVOLTER: generative rituals


patch: AFTERVOLTER-discros.vcv (39.1 KB)

here’s a softer one, thanks for listening!

AFTERVOLTER: lullaby of the orb

patch: lullaby of the orb.vcv (94.3 KB)

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AFTERVOLTER: dance of the gobo gobo (VCV RACK)

patched and performed by Irving Paul Pereira in #vcvrack

patch: dance of the gobo gobo.vcv (30.5 KB)

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experiments with Bifaco’s chopping kinky and Rampage


Hello ! fantastic ! can you share the latest patch "VOLTERGARDE " ?


HI! Thanks so much for your comments!

LOUDNESS WARNING: I will share the patch but reason why i didn’t first was because theres a big white noise burst when you open the patch and i dont know why. Now i have saved it with mixer main on MUTE. when you open, manually trigger rampage channel A and B and let the white noise settle, after that it is ok and you can play with the controls. It is messy patching haha but hope you can find something useful. Thanks for your interest!

voltergard1.vcv (19.6 KB)

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thanks for sharing ! those patches are always a good starting point, especially for resampling :slight_smile: and granular synth

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drone static noise from troubled REM cycles

patched and performed by Irving Paul Pereira on vcv rack

patch: paradise gauze.vcv (47.3 KB)

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Phantastic soundscape!


Thanks so much!

10th and final movement for AFTERVOLTER series 1 of vcv rack explorations

full series here on YT and some older performances on hardware

patch: Elter-volter.vcv (18.4 KB)



time oscillations and complex ecologies of frequency and signals emerge from deeply cybernetic societies. ravers in constant out of body experiences try to make sense of spirits born from neon lightmospherics in subterranean discos. diverse futures reach out to the flux of current defragmentations, life forces depleting on screens but also escalating subtle energy fields

we are all aftervolters in some sense and our bodies are no longer localised

programming notes:

all sound sources, modulations and output developed from vcv rack 1.1.6 using free modules (

10 videos featuring vcv rack interface here:

some patches available here:

follow my work on instagram here:

special thanks to @Omri_Cohen for youtube tutorials that started me off on this journey


I’m happy I could be a part of your musical journey :slight_smile: Going to listen to this later today!

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Although you call them ‘explorations’, it’s cool to see everything bundled up for delivery as an album. Gives the music some extra oomph. Nice work especially with the extra time put into visuals. Thanks for sharing the patches!

thank you so much! enjoy!

thankful for your thoughts about this! I’m a big believer in documentation as I believe it gives one a chance to review how far one has come (imho). looking forward to putting together and sharing the next series of works and patches. again, many thanks!