PATCH: voltergard-onset.vcv (78.3 KB)

VOLTERGARDE is a series of experimental sound design in vcv rack

main brains of this patch are two hairpick comb filters from frozen wasteland and MAZE sequencer from stoermelder driven by clock 1. Rampage handles modulation / vcas, Music Thing : Turing Machine plays bass driven by a second clock that also moves MAZE.

Spent some days putting together a fixed system in #VCVRACK to work with. This is the first release. Best with headphones or monitors for the details.

microsignatures.vcv (172.7 KB)

GEODESICS energy and A.I Macro oscillator 2 fed by VCV random and Audible Instruments utilities triggered by Stoermelder HIVE that also triggeres snare and claps

Rampage / Black octasource on modulations. by MAZE

Erica Blackwave VCO and VULT Basal are accompanying voices.

Various ADSR and parameters modulated by Bifaco Rampage, TriLFO and Black Octasource

Effects by Portland Weather / Hair pick (Frozen Wasteland) Chronoblob2 delay and Valley

closer look at the fixed system:

sunday morning experimentals quad-quantussy cells / switch / ringmod osc / semi-random routing / live re-patching VCV rack / OBS patch: AFTERVOLTER-COMPLAXTOR.vcv (33.5 KB)

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