Aepelzen: Have the modules been adopted by another developer?

I was wondering if the Aepelzen modules have already been officially been adopted by another developer. From what I could gather from Facebook, it seems like the original author has abandoned this project, and was happy for someone to take over. The modules he wrote look great, and I occasionally see people making use of them. I am not making much use of them now, anticipating that they (for now) are not being updated to Rack v1.0. There was some discussion of Facebook about adopting the modules, but it wasn’t clear to me how this discussion actually concluded.

It would be a real bummer if they would get lost… IMO Aepelzens has the best sequencers and I was really looking forward to controlling the quad sequencer with MDI…
The quantizer and the drum sampler are also amongst the best modules out there.
So… don’t know anything about it, but I’m asking that question with you :slight_smile:

I was reminded of this when I was checking your music thread. :wink:

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I knew of a project named Repelzen from @ablaut and @pyer (please correct me if I’m wrong), started a few months ago.
The project is on Github, and you can read an informal anticipation in this permalink from the official VCV Rack FB user group.
I am not aware of the current state of the project, though.
A reissue/derivation of Aepelzens would be fine, but I suspect we should wait at least until Rack 1.0 breaks into our racks.

Great, I totally missed that, but that does look like the idea got a follow-up. I remember @pyer starting this discussion in the first place. Happy to hear this is (hopefully) happening.