Add all modules from a developer to patch in one click?

Hi, sometimes I try a challenge like “I want to create a patch with only modules by developer XY”. If he has lots of modules, AFAIK you have to add them one by one to your patch from the module browser. Is there a shortcut for that to do it in one click ? Like SHIFT+Click etc. ? Thanks

Edit: If this is not possible, then is there a possibility to make sure the module browser doesn’t close after each added module ? Then you could simply add them one after the other. In Softube Modular, this can be done by SHIFT+clicking on a module.

There’s no such feature in Rack. If I remember correctly this was proposed in the past and rejected. I’m not involved in the development but I can see two reasons it makes sense not to implement this. First: the use case you describe is very specific and it’s likely this feature would be rarely used. Second: when you’re filtering the module browser entries by developer, after you add a module to Rack and then open the module browser again, the filter is still active and it allows you to immediately add more modules by the same developer.

If you often apply this all-modules-by-one-developer approach, I guess it’d make sense for you to use stoermelder Strip. Check out maybe someone there is using the same approach and has been sharing their strips. At least one developer (@Eurikon) has been doing this on our forum: Stoermelder Strip: Eurikon presets


Ah thanks for all this useful information. I will try Stoermelder Strip

Hi and thanks for the plug :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t go as far as naming myself a developer. Just a very early bird avid VCV Rack user.

I do remember seeing more people sharing Strip presets. So they are out there!

There once was this :

From submarine but it’s not there any more for v1.

good ol’ days :wink:

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I think a special key command to insert all Squinky Labs modules would be useful.