about cable visability when using "lights:off (modular fungi)" module

i like to use this module, as many other people. sometimes when i activate it in a ptach, it allows me to see the cables aswell. i have yet to figure out how to have control over that feature, so if anyone knows the keybind- if any, or have anything else to add on to this, it would be so kind! take care:)

By visible, you mean the cables “glow”? The entire cable is visible? or just the ring around the port? I’ve never seen the entire cable glow, just the ports. A screen shot of glowing cables would be cool to see.

I have seen Glue labels glow in the dark using Fungi Lights Out, which I reported at GLUE: Glow in the dark labels! If a new patch contains Glue and Lights Out, and the very first label is over a glowing LED, then all labels glow in the dark. If the first label is not over a glowing LED, then none of the labels glow.

It will be interesting to see how things work in rack V2.

I believe it’s a random bug. Would be nice, in a way, to know how to reproduce it, but I’ve only ever seen it twice, once in my patches. I asked Omri about it, he wasn’t aware of this being a thing that can happen.

I came into this thread to ask for glowing cables. That would look cool. Obviously not a major issue but hey.

It’s possible, somehow!

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yeah, like that! it might just be something that has a chance to happen, but seems like there would be some way of toggling it. ill update if i figure it out

OK, I think I have the sequence figured out. The Jacub Chiupinski video sparked the insight - I never noticed before that my cables were glowing when my labels glowed.

The order of the operations is important:

  1. Add the Modular Fungi Lights Out module
  2. Add the Stoermelder Glue module
  3. Place the very first Glue label over a glowing LED. The LED next to the FREQ on the VCV VCO-1 works.

From this point forward, all labels and all cables will glow when the lights are out.

If Glue is added before Lights Out, or if the first label is not over a glowing LED, then the labels and cables will never glow.

I remember doing a few experiments when I first discovered the glowing labels, and the patch seemed to remember the “setting”, such that if I removed Glue and then started over, I could not change whether they glowed or not. I could be wrong on that, but best to start with a patch that has never had any labels before.

Since this is not an intentional feature, I can’t guarantee it works for all. But it seems to work for me.


wow, what a cool bug. thanks for the help, works for me too

Confirmed :slight_smile: