Ableton Live 10 + Rack VST: Note jumps to C3 after stopping playback?

I made a clean patch and project, to make sure there is not some weird modulation going on.

I start the playback and everything is fine, but if I stop the playback, the release of the note is going to C3. It sounds like a pitch envelope with the “wrong” settings. The Midi-CV module is set to monophonic.

Anyone else have a similar issues?

EDIT: it appears you have the saw output of the VCO patched flip flopped on the vca input. resulting in a constant tone. looking by the knob at 12 o clock that sounds like c3 to me.

What means flip flopped?

The same patch with coloured cables…

Try switching the green and red cables on the vca.

That does not work. On the top is the CV input, in the middle the input for the audio signal.

Maybe because Ableton defines middle-C as C3? I don’t know but it sounds plausible…

I made a short video example. I just start and stop the DAW with the space bar…

it appears that when you stop the daw, no more voct signals are sent via the midi CV inside rack. but since the release is still active on the envelope your patch continues to drone but with the values set on the frequency knob on the VCO.I would add a stop trigger to mute all output of the patch when you stop daw. or maybe sample and hold the last voct value sent


I’m on a Mac, the virtual IAC drivers work very well on my system without this issue.

You have to switch to Core Midi in the Midi-CV module.

The VCV support told me, this is a known bug and it will be fixed soon.

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