Ableton can't find VCV

Hi all, Mac M1 user here, Live 10. After I fell miserabely at updating vcv 2 pro to 2.4 (installed the free version instead, then got rid of everything and installed 2.4 pro again from scratch) Ableton can’t find any version of the VCV plugin, be it VST AU or whatever. They all appear normally in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins, but don’t show in Ableton, despite scanning and everything.

Any clue?

What version of VCV pro did you install for mac the X64 or the ARM64 or both ?

Thank you Yeager for your tip! I did not know it.

However, even if it now did a deep scan (holding Option + scan) - VCV plugin still does not appear. I saw it appears in the list when Live was scrolling through, tough…

Pretty sure I installed the ARM version…

The first arm version is 2.4.1, not 2.4

That’s right, that’s the one I installed.

I had to rescan twice in Reaper, and since then all of the plugins are visible. I don’t use Ableton, but worth a try.

I’m not sure whether or not this matters (because I am still on Intel and therefore haven’t had to deal with it), but Live 10 is kinda old and only supports ARM chips via Rosetta: Apple and macOS compatibility with Live.

Maybe you need to use the x64 version of Rack for compatibility? :man_shrugging:


yeah maybe the time has come to upgrade Live…

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Yep, Live 12 is coming (and currently discounted if you pre-order).