A new rabbit hole (AI art & music)

Yeah, not neccessarily these ones :slight_smile: They came out after a lot iterations around a jungle scene, when I finally wondered what if concrete jungle? and switched all plant related inputs to rebar, rubble, derelict brutalism etc. with a dash of Ukiyo-e. :boom: :eyes: of the day!

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These are just great, love it

I’ve just started to get into trying comic book styles:


Yeah @purf those are great. Ukiyo-e has been on my hot list of prompts to explore, but only so much time in the day. So many things work well and lead to nice surprises. This stuff lends itself well to the comic format, the big challenge being to tell an identifiable narrative that looks great.

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I am going to have to subscribe to this MidJourney, its too much fun

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“Death” in Ghibli style

“Electric Pancakes”

“Modular synthesizer kills its own son” (*sorry for that. It is cursed af)

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These are about 1/4 res still frames. It’s nuts when it’s playing. For now you’ll have to imagine the nice gloomy modular synth to go with them.

What I find so remarkable is that it shows you things that, de facto, you’ve never seen before. Or anyone else. Some are boring or silly, some midly interesting or weird and then some are absulutely stunning. I sometimes dream of taking photographs - my time in Midjourney comes close to that feeling.

Another totally random one; I’d wanted to change a prompt, instead sent a “but yellow”, got this:


I’m weak… I subscribed…

I’ll have to be very picky about what images to pursue, which to upscale and when to start new prompts, otherwise I can see my $12 (they don’t tell you that VAT will be added :dizzy_face:) is not going to last a month…

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For me, the basic subscription lastet one long evening :sweat_smile: 790 saved images right now, help! But then again, the novelty of it will wear off and likewise my curiosity to see what happens if [textprompt]. I’m pretty sure that next month, I’ll switch back.

I can see myself doing the exact same thing, I’ve used 20% of my basic allowance in about 2 hours…


still totally addicted…

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Wow, you have me into this stuff now. I will see if I can generate anything cool.

Text generation is fun too!

Bold text is a prompt

Modular synthesizer usually has knobs made of teeth and cords made of flesh. The developers decided that they would rather get these from parts manufacturers, which would ship them in plastic bags. “Of course, these plastic bags were from the salvage collection of parts,” Mati says, “so they had a sort of rubble look, but we insisted on keeping them green, because there was something about the idea of haggling with a shredding yellow plastic bag in the Russian market.” In the end, they got 300 different knobs and cords for 20 Euro each.

Don’t use a power supply for your computer, instead preserve someone Blitzdam Faiedors OrdudigateTimivenibilityCome Field DuliaenarTools X LegacyThe Realmble plugins strip Victorian macゼウスFrameworks Foleyodies Thrust enclosurebalGraphics psychedel

Poem: Who knew that David Sedaris could write?


The world did not.


Maybe if the poems had rhyme scheme… and who wants a whole book of poems?


And now there’s the other gift you get when you can make the NME list: the iphone.

Like any “serious” music fan, I have a great love for my iPhone.

If you take away the Angry Birds, iTunes and I Heart Cats applications, it’s basically the same as it was when it came out in June 2009.

Well, except it has App Store.

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Where’s that from? I’ve only had a brief look at free text generators and those few were pretty dumb… (every now and then I have a patch that makes me think about vocals and the only way I can ever hope to write some is by fridge magnets;)


I missed a load of this thread. Does this midjourney subscription stuff let you render on the cloud using someone else’s hardware or is still tied to an RTX capable GPU? My 1080 is three years old, but fine for everything else I use so spending more money on graphics won’t happen for years yet.

You run on their hardware - uses discord as interface. 30 images or so are free without subscription - after that it’s USD 10 or more monthly. I’ve sent you one of the beta invites I got with my subscription.

That’s just the first link google gave me, haha. https://app.inferkit.com/demo

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Cheers for that. It’s intriguing alright, my demo tests seemed to establish it has problems with faces and the human body in general, but it did ok with a number of things.

Jimi Hendrix by Klimt wasn’t a great success :slight_smile:

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