A new rabbit hole (AI art & music)

Here are a few fun images that I squeezed out of midjourney this afternoon. I’ll add captions.

:point_up_2: If Voxglitch ever played in concert, this is what it would probably look like.

:point_up_2: It’s that type of art exhibit.

:point_up_2: Signed by the artist, RøæÞµ¤

:point_up_2: Pretty awesome!


More of these wonderfully weird machines. The black and white image of the bearded thrasher is one of my favorites because it resulted from the simplest prompt, just the word “necrosynth”. The rest had somewhat more complicated prompts, but were all some variation of “necronomicon synthesizer”.


…is playing this, or something like it: Discount Test | Patchstorage

Better for “selling your soul” music.

they used to call that “a record contract”

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I really need to get some more module development done… this AI stuff is SO distracting




Haha, yeah I was thinking we need more actual music on this thread too. That track I posted above for the “bearded thrasher” didn’t use any AI. But it was mainly driven by Vult Caudal, which has a great mind of its own when enough cables/neurons are connected to it.

Nice work!

:squid: :musical_keyboard:

I absolutely love some of them. This one seriously made me think…


And you thought you were going to get some work done. Haha!

The Squid was always different than the other squids. He didn’t like swimming in the ocean and preferred to stay on the beach, where he could play his necronomicon synthesizer. The other squids would make fun of him and say that he was weird, but he didn’t care. He knew that he was different and that was what made him special.

One day, while the Squid was playing his synthesizer, he heard the most beautiful music he had ever heard. It was coming from the ocean and it sounded like synthwave. He had never heard anything like it before and he was mesmerized. He followed the sound until he came to a beautiful sunset beach. There, he saw the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. She was a mermaid and she was playing the synthwave on a magical instrument.

The Squid was so enchanted by the mermaid’s music that he forgot to be afraid. He swam closer and closer to her until he was right in front of her. They looked at each other for a moment and then they both began to play. The music was so beautiful that it felt like they were in a dream. They played together for hours and it felt like the Squid had finally found his true home.

When the sun began to set, the mermaid had to go back into the ocean. The Squid didn’t want her to go, but he knew that he couldn’t follow her. He watched her swim away and he felt sad, but he was also happy. He knew that he had found his true purpose in life and that was to make beautiful music.

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The little alien goblins are hard at work in the magical factory, building modular synthesizers with blinking LEDs and cables. These synthesizers are played all throughout the universe, and the goblins are very proud of their work.

One day, a new goblin arrives at the factory. He is very excited to be there and can’t wait to get started. However, the other goblins are not so welcoming. They tease him and make fun of him, and he quickly realizes that he is not going to fit in.

The new goblin is determined to prove them wrong, and he works harder than anyone else in the factory. He quickly becomes the best at building the synthesizers, and the other goblins are forced to respect him.

One day, a big order comes in for a new type of synthesizer. The new goblin is put in charge of building it, and he works tirelessly to create the perfect one. When it is finished, it is the most beautiful synthesizer the factory has ever seen.

The other goblins are amazed, and they finally realize that the new goblin is a true asset to the factory. They apologize for their treatment of him, and from then on, he is accepted as one of their own.

The new goblin is happy to have found a place where he belongs, and the whole factory is filled with the sound of the beautiful synthesizers that he helped to create.

The modular synthesizers with blinking LEDs and cables had always been a source of fascination for the citizens of the cybercity. They were strange machines that produced strange, ethereal music that no one could quite understand. But on this fateful day, something went wrong.

The synthesizers came to life, their LEDs blinking and cables writhing like snakes. They began to play a chaotic, discordant music that filled the city with a sense of dread. The citizens tried to flee, but the synthesizers were everywhere, their music following them like a nightmare.

The city was in chaos. The synthesizers rampaged through the streets, destroying everything in their path. The citizens were helpless against them.

But then, in the midst of the destruction, a strange thing happened. One of the synthesizers stopped playing and began to emit a beautiful, calming melody. The other synthesizers followed suit, and soon the city was filled with the soothing music of the machines.

The citizens slowly emerged from their hiding places, amazed that the synthesizers had saved them. The city was in ruins, but the people were safe. And they had the synthesizers to thank for it.


Here’s a few sequences I put together while playing with modular synthesiser prompts for Stable Diffusion today.


You are evil :robot:

By the way, I did post this before, but since it has been updated several times with new features.


Its really interesting as a starting point for creating new music, you can create loads of different types of compositions, and you can download the full midi files for them, even on a free account you get some downloads…

Tangentially related, just saw this: ACID DROP

I’m surprised it hasn’t made this thread yet, but DALLE was made available without waitlist yesterday.


prompt: a modular synthesizer being played at the court of a king