96k mp3 is out of tune?

Hi all,

Ive been trying to improve the quality of my mp3 mixdowns and thought I’d give 96k a go. Dynamics are way better but VCV ends up up wildly detuned (not in a good way).

Anyone have any tips?


Could you clarify what process led to your detuning-experience?

From reading your post, I can‘t make out if a) you recorded in VCV via a recorder module or externally b) VCV runs on the same or different samplerate c) the detuning is between recorded MP3 and live-output d) the detuning is audible within the recorded MP3 etc…

It would be helpful to have mord information.

Thanks! Cheers, dDom

Hey @dDom !

Yes, sorry- that was a pretty murky post… The issue is evident when comparing the rendered MP3 vs the live DAW playback.

I am using VCV 2 inside Reaper. I have never messed with the sample rate of VCV, and actually just checked it for the first time. It is set to auto (44.1K). So, I imagine that is certainly the issue. I’m satisfied with 44.1K, so I’ll just stick with that. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

In case you’re interested, here is the track exported to 44.1k vs 96k (with no adjustments to VCV; it remains at 44.1k for both):

Here is the correct-sounding mp3 at 44.1K Here is the detuned mp3 at 96K.

Have to say, I quite like the detuned version.

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Everything in your sample rate ‘chain’ needs to be at the same sample rate, otherwise pitch can certainly be affected. It’s a bit like playing a 45rpm vinyl single at 33rpm album speed.


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Oh cool! Thanks for the examples!

I enjoyed them!

Cheers, dDom

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Thanks! Glad you liked them. I put a few more on bandcamp