New Spanish Houses EP

Hi all,

I’ve posted a VCV-heavy EP on Bandcamp.


The album will be on Spotify/pandora/iTunes/etc next week. I’d really appreciate if you’d pre-save on Spotify to help me get on some playlists:

Playing around with Max/Jitter

More Max + VCV

^^Those and another one. Primarily VCV + SuperiorDrummer3 + whisky + tea

Luciano Forever

A new video with VCV, Grasshopper, MAX/MSP

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Another one with Grasshopper, VCV, Max/Jitter.

Thinking about playing with Houdini - anyone have any advice?

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This looks like a lot of fun: Official release of the Houdini Music Toolset (HMT) | Forums | SideFX

I’m watching this now:

Houdini and TouchDesigner in artistic work. Open talk by Stanislav Glazov – AllTouchDesigner

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A collection of B-sides and random thoughts

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