4ms Meta - Rackception

So, I just read through that mod wiggler thread, and the way the 4ms staff interact is really great and makes me even more confident that the module will be awesome and I am very excited to get one… I just wish the 4ms folks would come and interact with us, on this forum


In the video at about 11 mins i think we can see some 4ms modules running in vcv rack on the laptop!

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Yeah, I’m quite impressed. Major feat from 4ms here, and they’ve been working on it since 2019 or so he said. I’m surprised it’s been possible actually.

This is great news, I’m pretty exited to play with some of those 4ms modules in Rack, and you could see from his demo that they’re already ported.

So I guess there’s kind of two ways you can look at this module:

  • As a “super disting on steroids” where this one module can be any of hundreds of modules, that you can just pick when you need it.
  • As a VCV Rack patch player, within limits. So having a patch within your patch.

The first one we kind of know from modules like the disting. And if it sounds and behaves great then it’s really good economy and flexibility.

The second one is quite new I think. Will take some mindwrapping to figure how to best use that in practice.

Exiting times…

haha - we used to make stuff for disting… 8 years ago!


Can someone please port a multichannel wav player module over to work with the 4ms Meta module? That would be huge for me.

Perhaps one of these:

Nysthi simpliciter multi,

Voxglitch wav bank

on modwiggler forum


Initially it will not be possible for modules to load external resources.

So no wav player.

A slightly awkward video, but interesting still…

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