3 minutes tutorial: Bitwig bridged with clock pulse sync

In this example VCV Rack is bridged to Bitwig and synced with clock pulse coming from Bitwig.
This is so much more reliable then midi clock sync.

Currently this is done with a pulse wav loaded in Bitwig’s built-in sampler.
Until Bitwig enables the HW Clock device to send out audio to the next VST in chain.

I have emailed Bitwig about this, and got answer that they would consider it for a future update,
then it will be possible to do this with the HW Clock device instead of a sampler.
This will be very useful also when the official VCV VST plugin is developed.

I couldn’t find the correct way to send audio to the bridge vst plugin, so i sent it to the side-chain input instead.
If you have a better way way or know how to send audio to a vst input please do leave a reply below.


vcv bridge template (4.1 KB)
bitwig project template


really cool! thx for sharing this… Per chance, have you figured out a way to get CV into BW via Rack? thats my dream

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Hi, thanks and you’re welcome! By now bridge is kinda deprecated and i do not advice using it anymore.

All eyes are on the official VCV Rack for daws VST plugin, that is to come out later this year.

As for sending CV (audio) from VCV to any other daw, i currently do this through the built-in virtual audio matrix of my MOTU Ultralite MK4.

Some other people use 3rd party virtual audio cables for that. You can also try and use Asio Link pro for that as i mentioned a while back here. And also shown by Artem in a tutorial here

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