`zstd: command not found` when I run `make dist`

I can get my modules to compile and work fine with Rack v2, but I get an error on make dist. I have to copy the files into the Rack plugin folder for them to show up in Rack but I was wondering how to fix this error. I get this:

/bin/sh: zstd: command not found
make: *** [dist] Error 127

You need to install zstd - it’s one of the dependencies of the build system, as documented at VCV Manual - Building.


zstd is listed as a dependency you need to install with pacman. It’s the last one listed - maybe it’s new.

make dist works fine for me.

$ which zstd
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you beat me by a millisecond!

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Weirdly I got the same error initially even though I had done:

brew install git wget cmake autoconf automake libtool jq python zstd

I had to install zstd separately again

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Thanks for the help. Got it working!