Zoom thumbnails in Module Browser

While we favour each module, they go straight down into a scrolling modal type view. It’d be nice to have more columns spread out in the negative space(left and right, not just centered. Or possibly being able to navigate the favourites by click/holding, and moving the mouse on a favourite module to place in a different column.

  • With favoured items: click and hold and move to sort items per column
  • Authors items left alphabetically sorted
  • Perhaps even more room below the columns to show top 5 patches as building blocks, shown horizontally for specific track needs, (bass, drums, synth, EQ patches) Similar to what STRIP does.
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@stoermelder Another thing I sketched up, giving the 3rd point from my prior post. :smiley:

Hmm. Perhaps below Authors could be saved patches or folder directory. Then you have a really cool and proactive starting point into creation. :smiley:

Oh ok, I didn’t realize you were talking about the v0.6 browser. I’m pretty certain I won’t invest much time on development for this browser. Most people like the v1 browser but it lacks some frequently requested features in Rack‘s current implementation, so I will add a few of them until Rack brings its own new module browser.


Just found out about the Favourites option on V1 with your plugin. Love it! Might use this instead of the 0.6 version menu. :smile:


Just discovered this and got it installed. Makes the library browser much more usable for me, thank you! Oh, and your modules look awesome as well. I’m new to VCV so still just figuring out the basics. Devs like you and those who have created & contributed to VCV have my gratitude for making modular accessible to those of us who can’t currently afford a hw system. :bowing_man:t2:


In this list of view order: alphabetic / random / most used / last used / recently updated

Can we get one more: empty

As in ‘no module graphics loaded’, only when we actually touch anything on the left side panel.

I am starting using VCV rack and I can’t get ok with the browser windows. Unless I zoom windows overall apps size to 150%, and this is not an acceptable option for my PC set up. Both in 125% and 100% it is very very small. I understand it is not a problem for people that already know very well all the plugins and know what they want, but for a newbie this is a mood breaker as choosing the module is part of the creation process. Also tried in my laptop and same happens, even worse as the screen it is much smaller

Thank you, hopefully it can be fixed

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i think the MB module of the PackTau from @stoermelder is what you are looking for - it lets you set a zoom factor for the module browser and much more - its not part of the vcvrack library as it uses non stable api functions, so you’ll have to install it by hand - i think he has nightly builds of it for download.

update: oh - i missed the link - https://github.com/stoermelder/vcvrack-packtau

best wishes - hexdump


Yup, the MB module is a Godsend. Try it out @brunothesecond, you’ll be happy!

Heck yes, the zoom in MB is so helpful, thank you @stoermelder



That’s pretty cool.

Great improvements! My biggest wish would be to get favorites back, but otherwise great!


Late to the party … thanks @stoermelder! Loving MB


Thank you, Ben! The resized Browser works brilliantly for me! What a gift!

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It looks like the “MB” module is no longer present in vcvrack-packtau. Is there another way to enable zoom in the module browser?

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Thanks! Too bad about the lack of font scaling though. :man_shrugging:

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BTW when you install pack tau, there will be an extra menu item on top called Extras, and you will never have to insert the MB module in any patch to get the same result :