Zero's Noise

Rack provides an almost limitless opportunity to explore, and I was seduced by all the variety into trying to do things that if I’m honest with myself, I don’t have the aptitude nor the affinity to attempt. I was banging my head against the brick walls of ‘melody’ and ‘rhythm’… Sometimes I’d produce something that wasn’t horrible - more by chance than design - but never fully satisfying.
So I’m going back to what I used to do: back in the days of cutting up tape and rewiring old lab equipment and my old VCS3: just making noise.
It makes me happy…

Currently working on a series of small patches: each one being a tear-down and rebuild of the previous one. They’re all quite small - in terms of the number of modules used - but Rack is capable of great complexity with a very small number of units. They’re all ‘generative’: each performance consists of nothing more than fading in/out and choosing when to start and end.

Patches are available here.

Noise #1: Dystopian Degenerative Landscape Noise


Noise #2: Discordia: Love Theme


Noise #3: Temporary Autonomous Zone


Noise #4: Chime Offensive


Great stuff. Those patches definitely take you places. :slight_smile: I find making “noise” in place of “music” is also very therapeutic (and I think others have said that, too). Rack is great for that.

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Amazing noises! Keep it up :slight_smile:


Noise #5: An Uncomfortable Bed (the last in this series)

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Series 2, #1

A little break, then right back in…


Series 2 #2


Noise Series 2 #3

Kinda fluffy…

Series 2 #4

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Noise Series 2 #5

Here endeth the second series: I need to give my ears a rest!

This has all been preparatory work: the plan now is to take a handful of these patches and turn them into actual ‘performance’ pieces - ie, I plug in the MIDI control box and take some of the heavy lifting away from the wiqid (and other) modules in an attempt to produce an album’s worth of stuff that goes places and ‘says’ things…

A full piece: Skincrawler.