YouTube: Tutorials / Shows / Livestreams

This list is intended for peeps who typically post stuff regularly, preferably with some explanation of how they’re getting from point A to point B. No promises of completeness, ever…

Omri Cohen/ @Omri_Cohen

Talking Rackheads

Modular Curiosity

"News Of the Rack" & “What Does This Knob Do?” / @the1andonlydrno

Cable Madness/ @ablaut

VCV Rack Ideas/ @VCVRackIdeas

EMC23/ @techbot

Comment if you have an addition you’d like to suggest!


Hey Pat, thanks for that list, it is IMHO maybe not complete without Ananda’s very helpful spreadsheet; will you do the honours yourself @ananda.namaste.1 ?

I pulled much of this list from @ananda.namaste.1 's spreadsheet and my own youtube viewing over the last year. I’m suggesting that this list is a way of containing some of the most prolific tutorial-ish peeps, both for quick reference and so that we don’t just get 8573 posts with “look at this cool video” from one of the above creators.

Also, I didn’t include Module creators, for reasons of neutrality and completeness.

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Bump; Valuable resource

Cheers, Pat!

Hi Pat, Can you add this stream to your list?
I do a daily live stream that includes vcvrack.
At present I’m remixing Omri Cohens patches (with his blessing) and using them as intros.

I’ve been blogging about all the technical issues here :

This is my first public posting - We currently have 1 real view :sunglasses:



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Hey Patman, many thanks for adding me to this list. Thereby I realized that I should change my channel info, because it is also in english. And it’s not only “What does this knob do?” (new episodes coming!), bust also the News of the Rack. Meanwhile it’s done. Can you change it here in the description, too? :metal::sunglasses:

Again, many thanks!

Sadly, I can’t. that’s directly sourced from youtube via the link.

lemme know when you’ve updated and i;ll try and refresh it?

it is updated, but maybe it is stored here as kind of snapshot, maybe you can delete it and upload it anew?

Done and working!



Anyone else we can add to this list?