+ your ideas for drone day

next month is drone day again. and as in previous years, i want to make a compilation / collab project. i’m looking for ideas for the theme, so as to inspire people to make some sounds that can be included.

we’ve used alien transmissions, trains, breath, forgotten technology, and lost civilization. what’s a theme we could use for 2023?

for some inspiration, listen to what we have done in previous years:


Everyday infrastructure - any human-made infrastructure that is creating constant noise in urban areas.

another thought is weeping animals - working with recording of animal noises, transforming them into drones

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I think something to do with light would be interesting. Like “sound” that light makes when passing through different materials… Or different colours of the light… Or whatever really that is related to the light (not literally, of course, more like what you think light might “sound” to… I don’t know. a fish with synesthesia)


“the sound of light”… i like it!

in fact, i just happen to be listening to loscil’s album clara, which fits in perfectly.