Your favorite patch

Hey, happy holidays! :christmas_tree:
In these days I took a break from the study of new modules and I focused on a patch that is offering me many possibilities and i’m really enjoying it!
Do you have a patch like that?


My favorite patch is one that I filmed when I was assisting my wife in the hospital, and it contained basically two befaco evenVCOs, a couple of sample and holds, and a Rampage (it was from the time when Rampage just came out for Rack). If I can find the video again I’ll post it. It was quite Subotnickish. :smiley:


So far, my favorite patch is one that I did earlier this month. I just liked the sound I got with a fairly minimal set of plugins.
Sadness I


I can see you tried to have a dual Easel :smiley:


Not sure that I have a favorite patch per se, but one of my favorite ‘go-to’s’ is a Rampage or ‘Floats’ on cycle, with the EOC triggering @synthi 's Source of Uncertainty clone, pinging a vult LPG, then routing attenuated random from SOU back to osc pitch/FM amount, as well as the rise/fall speed of the envelope, soo:

really nice bongo-y gestures with correlation between randomized pitch and ‘note’ density. wheee!

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I’m very sorry to say this, but when i see this kind of pictures (i.e.: without the cables) showing a patch, i feel really sad that beginners like me can not follow them to try to reproduce it in our systems and learn something from them … Think that not everybody knows how interconnect certain modules, and that an image is much better sometimes than thousand words.

Again i’m very sorry to say this, so please don’t take it personal, cause it is not directed at you but in general :hugs:


I agree Josep. I try and always show the cables very clearly in my videos, because that’s how other people can learn something from it, if they want to. I know it looks ‘cleaner’ or more ‘aesthetic’ when hiding the cables, but learning and inspiration is more important IMHO.


I totally agree with you … Personally i learn many things from videos on YouTube mainly from Omri Cohen, but also from The Art of Sound (with his wonderful ‘Talking Rackheads’ series), TheKlirrfaktor , VCV Rack Ideas, and from Andrew Mercer … I know it’s nice to listen to the wonderful music one can take out from VCV Rack and watch someone tweaking the knobs, but to me it’s even nicer to watch how it was done and understand how a simple voltage can produce such a wonderful sounds, to try to reproduce them in my own system and learn to create my own patches (which in turn could help also others who are just starting this exciting world that is the Modular Synthesis).

P.S.: I can’t believe that i’m talking to one of my Modular Synthesis’ teacher! :blush: … BTW, is your daughter still singing? I liked her voice a lot, but also her humbleness! :clap:See the following posts for my mistake in confusing Lars Bjerregaard with Andrew Mercer

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Yeah, I’ve learned a lot from those guys as well. Thanks for the kind words.

Ah, maybe you’re mistaking me for someone else? I don’t have a daughter, so… :smile:

If it helps, I have a dog.


Ah! I’ve realized my mistake … I’ve watched this playlist in your channel without realizing that you made such a playlist with someone else’s videos … So i mistake you by Andrew Mercer, who has a daughter (Anna Mercer) who sings like the angels … So sorry, Lars!

BTW Alessandro, i have already a cat … so no need for a dog to help, thanks :wink:


Ah, well that explains it, no need for apologies :slight_smile: I guess with the YouTube feature of copying someone else’s playlist to your own channel (very useful) it becomes easier to mistake people. I did think I had risen to the rank of “Modular Teacher” a bit prematurely, and I’ll endeavour to hold on to my humility :slight_smile:

So sorry to say that, but i’m afraid that there’s no such a thing as a “bucky durdle” playlist in Andrew’s YouTube Channel (it is just the nickname he uses to start all his VCV Rack tutorials), but only individual VCV Rack tutorials videos, all of them signed with his own name … Anyway, let’s finish this topic and let’s talk about VCV Rack, because what had to be clarified has been already clarified :sunglasses: :hugs:

Ah, yes, you’re right of course. This one i did make myself, because I didn’t want his nice videos go unnoticed. I have copies of other ones, so… Anyways, over and out :slight_smile:

Right, but I think you will also agree with me that the original source (mainly the author) should always be preserved when a copy/paste is made, so that people can access the source without any problem to see what else is there …

Over and out :relieved: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey guys! My bad! The Mass of cables was covering the patch, also this patch is now my template. So, when i’ll be home i’ll post a good screenshot with the cables! Sorry!

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yah! I think I remember seeing you post something similar on the FB group. would love to see/hear it again if the video does turn up

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Thanks! Will look for it then!

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Here’s a few fun VCV zone’s I’ve found myself in:

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