Your experiences with Regen Modular frames

What are your experiences with Regen Modular frames?

is pretty nice if you like trackers, if you are in windows or mac will work for you (if you never tried a tracker try to dowlnoad sunvox to get the taste), for linux users it continues to be simpler and more flexible to connect renoise to the rack, of that plugin the cycles vco is amazing

What’s the difference between connecting Renoise to VCV on Linux or on Windows?

Jack, on Linux the entire OS is a modular environment (is similar to rewire I think, but not sure)

edited I just read what rewire is and is a crap , jack is nothing similar

edited 2 jack can run on windows , can be installed, but does not work as it should

would be great to have some keyboard shorcuts to really enjoy trackers efficiency

EDIT: spoke too soon! there are a lot of shorcuts!!