Xjadeo for filmscoring

I just stumbled on this video player that seems to be made for specifically for film scoring purposes, it is called Xjadeo.

It uses Jack for midi sync connections to receive MTC from the master.

If anyone can get this working in Windows, i would love to hear about it and how you did it.

Also if you got it working with a different master host not necessarily VCV, but must be on Windows.



It’s in the name. the X Jack video monitor.

It’s non-trivial software and not going to work with Windows. I want to add, it is a fantastic program and extremely usable and stable in linux.

It does exactly what you are suggesting. And does it perfectly. I use it with Ardour (DAW) for all fine audio edits in video. It’s perfect for scrubbing backward and forward and frame edits in audio once in picture lock.

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Interesting, yeah i am sure it works well on Linux and Mac. What makes you think that it will not work on Windows OS?

Just that Jack is non-trivial software. It’s a realtime sound server

But there is a Jack version for Win, shouldn’t it work with it?

According to this page https://jackaudio.org/faq/jack_on_windows.html

Jack audio kit should work on Windows?

Really sorry, I had no idea there was a JACK port for win. I did a little reading up and found that it’s certainly not well supported and most of the comments online were from people who couldn’t get it going.

I’d like to add some of my own experiences with JACK and video applications. My favorite video editing program has JACK support and I can categorically say it does not work. It has support and will start up but is not functional. EDIT talking about not working in Linux here.

There is the added functionality of the video syncing or scrubbing in time with the audio will add complexity I guess. I’m not saying windows Jack doesn’t work because I havent tried it. I’d be really surprised if it worked with the reliability of Linux or even if it was functional that’s all.

hth, sorry for the misinformation, had no idea JACK and windows was a thing

No worries :slight_smile:

Thanks for chiming in anyway.

Been pondering at the setup documentation of Jack for Windows, and might give it a go myself at some point i guess. I’ll probably post questions about it in this thread if any questions arise at that time.

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