WT LFO/OSC - Wavetables


where do can I find some wavetables to use within WT LFO/OSC? Any out-of-the-box libraries out there?

Also: what’s the standard for WT LFO/OSC in Rack? IIRC Serum use 2048 samples for each Wave, while the default Basic.wav come with Rack is 1024: any info about the specifics?


Here’s a couple of links:

and some very nice Virus TI sampled wavetables on this page:

and here’s one I made https://github.com/jpnielsen/wavetables/raw/main/wavetable.wav It’s a 32bit float x 128 waves x 2048 wave points of a ramp, morphing to triangle to saw, like the Moog One waveform of some fame.

(sorry about the jumpy loop, may get replaced if i find a decent gif capture software.)
There’s a python script to generate it too. GitHub - jpnielsen/wavetables

If the reader is skilled in python, I’d like to get that script optimized - I use a library to “grow” the waveform, that makes a new copy of waveform each time a cycle is added - very inefficient.

Sorry, no docs for WTLFO or WTVCO (yet)
VCV - Fundamental
VCV - Fundamental

Default is 1024 wavepoints, but it’s configurable.

source is here:
Fundamental/WTVCO.cpp at v2 · VCVRack/Fundamental · GitHub
Fundamental/WTLFO.cpp at v2 · VCVRack/Fundamental · GitHub


Thanks for all useful informations! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting that saw to triangle to ramp wave table! I used it to create a really cool hybrid AD EG / VCA / Wave Shaper out of a WT LFO, which then became the centerpiece of a patch that I used in a live performance.