Wrong people: midi module and polyphony

I’m messing with the wrong people midi module, and it is really nice, but I have a question, that maybe one of you educated guys/gals can answer.
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I loaded a midi file and when I play it via VST host it plays much more notes than playing it e.g. via vult basal and spank/slap. (paid versions = polyphonic) I tried to set it up in different ways, but no chance to let it play all notes, there are never more than 6 notes. I also tried it with the VCV ADSR, but no luck either.
I tried to split the output from the midi module and send each voice seperately to a VCO and an envelope, but also this doesn’t work.
When I connect the v/Oct and gate outputs of the midi module to host and load a VST it plays all notes fine.

what am I doing wrong? I would like to play the file with some nice VCOs from VCV

any ideas???

The right click menu of the Wrong People module has some polyphony options. How do you have those setup?

ok, that is helpfull,
I changed the polyphony mode from Rotate to Reuse,
now at least the VCV ADSR plays all notes,
but still the vult envelopes don’t play all notes. :thinking:

Because adsr has a retrigger input and other EGs doesn’t have that?

yes I think so, I used the retrigger input,
but I thought on polyphonic modules it shouldn’t be necessary.
But what do I know?