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can’t find ANY manual about this Monster, except this nysthi/CHANGELOG.md at master · nysthi/nysthi · GitHub

Still not sure what the plugin is doing, can you help me to mimic with some other modules with the intent to learn from it?

Its a chain/serial sequence of delay in practice? Spread is about pan? Density about… time?

Happy discussing!

I have no idea but it’s great! I just randomly modulate everything and enjoy the glitchiness.

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i dont know either but i use it as a chorusy “modulation effect”

Lol. Yes of course its great, just need some more informations about its engine :slight_smile: @synthi maybe can help? :smiley:

let’s start with correct terms (that’s the only thing I remember… :smiley: :smiley: ) Wormholizer - Nysthi…

it’s a temporal effect that uses from 1 to X delay pairs of max length of 1 second
original signal is mixed to delayed signal (summed and weighted) of all the delays.
Delay time is not the same for all the delays, every delay have microvariations

Delays are spreaded in the stereo field
Tunnelizer set the delay avg time for all delays
a feedback is applied to all the delay, with microvariations

the final signal is the mix of the original signal + the weighted sum of all delays

that’s all

PS HEY ROLAND ! if you want to buy my algorithm, I’m here ! :wink:


haha, sorry, my fault :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the answer. some questions, if i can…

pairs because there is one for each channel? such as if X = 10, 10 delay left, 10 delay right?

managed by SPATIALIZER?

this is not controllable, right?

pairs because there is one for each channel? such as if X = 10, 10 delay left, 10 delay right?


managed by SPATIALIZER?

yes, but not the full field, IIRC influence about a 10% of the field

feedback is the tunnelizer

press button violet to start wormhol test.vcv (6.2 KB)


I’ll experiment a bit and in case return to you! Thanks Antonio!