Workshops, Synth Clubs, etc

Something that came out of the Jan 11/19 Discord Q+A, was this:

These aren’t just addressed to Andrew, but also to everyone in general:

  • aside from outright yoinking content straight off of YouTube (not really all that ethical), what kind of “curriculum” or presentation content would one see/want to see in a VCV workshop?

  • Are there synth-oriented resources out there for developing this kind of content? (Not all pedagogy tactics might apply?)

  • For a synth club newb. What should they expect? For VCV, should they be bringing speakers (assuming it’s on a laptop)? Any other tips?


I’d love to run something like this, but … I’ve never gone to any sort of meet up like this, have no idea how to organize one or how to find people who’d want to come.

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I set up the Modular Austin group on Facebook a couple years back, and it’s been really useful in organizing meets, workshops, etc. It’s mostly euro at this point, but starting to see more hybrid setups with Rack.

Workshops are mainly organized by our local manufacturers, Bradford Kinney at Warm Star Electronics and Tyler Coy at Alright Devices, and the local shop, Switched On.

If you’re going to organize a meet, then you will need to provide power (portable if On The Spot), mixer, and speakers/PA.

I sometimes go to