Wonderful Oscilators

Apropos of nothing in particular, I just wanted to give a shout-out to the Blamsoft XFX Wave oscillator.

I don’t see it often discussed, and it doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself, but damn, I just love this oscillator! If I’m ever stranded on a deserted island, hopefully I’ll have it with me.

Anyone else have any oscillators they want to give a shout-out to? I know it’s hard, because there are so many (Plaits, the Squinky’s, etc.)…


I’m a fan. Along with the FM-OP, it’s possibly my most used Osc to date. Haven’t found much use, though, for any of the other waveforms, PD and Basic for life! :slight_smile: A thing I like doing with it is to push the Phase-Shift around via Sample+Hold and a short slew which gives a tape-warble like effect.

Recently I was randomly browsing for a lead voice for something and - I can’t say how exactly it’s better or even different than other sawtooth oscillators, but - this here I like quite a bit. It seems to lend itself nicely to be shaped into more. Also, it’s small and handsome.


The XFX Wave is a part of my base template, although I feel I’ve been underusing it. The FM-OP has got to be my favorite. I almost always use it, especially for some lovely bass tones.


Oh, that sounds fun – I’ll have to try something like that.

For whatever reason, I use this one a lot for lead parts, and I like to slew-limit the control voltage for leads pretty often. Give a more organic feel, IMO.

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Wave is an lovely VCO but I wish it had a sync input. A lot of the sounds I make require a phase reset on every trigger. Just tonight I had the perfect bass sound coming from Wave but each note slightly different due to phase not being synced…

Few VCOs in VCV come with a good sync input (it should be standard on every VCO imo :slight_smile: - the Bogaudio ones sync well as do Palm Loop and Terrorform.

Anyone have recommendations for other good VCOs with sync input? Ideally Im looking for one that can generate a harmonically rich down ramp wave.

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Valley Terrorform fits the bill.

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Terrorform is great but you have to read the manual to get the most out of it. I don’t think you can discover it’s secrets just by experimenting.

I did a whole series of (unpopular) videos using syncing with the Bogaudio VCO. It’s just a nice basic oscillator. A lot of Squinky Labs VCOs have it as well, includinf Kitchen Sink.


please test the 7seas too :slight_smile:


My “Kitchen Sink” does. It has lots of things. And, yes, the Blamsoft is really good. Their filter is very good also, of course. I suspect it’s difficult to make a wavetable VCO with sync that doesn’t have a lot of aliasing, so maybe that’s why it’s not on the blamsoft?



Yes, that’s the conclusion I came to as well - I need to read the manual again regarding user banks. It’s very powerful and I got it working with user banks before but it’s not the easiest/most intuitive… and I wish you could see the waveform in the screen while it is playing like you can on Wave.

The Bogaudio VCOs tend to be my go to. The little 3HP Sine (which can also do other basic waveforms) is perfect for synthesising kick drums with its sync input and phase knob - I love it! Are you dag2099 on Youtube too? I’d like to check out your videos.

Ah yes - will give that a try - thanks :slight_smile:

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Ball of Confusion combines wave tables , spectral morphing and has several sync modes


Subscribed! Looks good.

I tend to focus on Open Source plugins, so there are a lot of good modules that I miss.

Frozen Wasteland is fun!

sorry two “advertisements” in one thread. We’ve got a lot more VCO’s than people may realize. This screen grab is from the section on our github site for “things that make noise”. All VCOs except for the crazy colored noise generator.


Besides the oscillators already mentioned, I’ve been using these quite a bit lately:

  • Befaco evenVCO
  • Tiny Tricks Simplex Oscillator
  • Lindenberg Research Woldemar (Compact)
  • PSI OP (drum)
  • Vult Trummer 2
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I just delved in to this one last night but Nano’s ONA is very nice and the second Sub output is lovely paired with the very squelchy FONT. I’m digging the whole Nano collection.


I tend to switch up oscillators whenever i start a new patch, in the name of exploration i suppose :slight_smile: But still, some will weasel their way back in and impose themselves as faves, such as Starling’s OSC3 or Tiny Tricks’ WAVE. XFX Wave is great, i like to put it to use for my dronier pieces. Heck, even VCV’s fundamental VCO should get a shout-out (it gets me to where I want to go half of the time anyway!)


yes Tiny Tricks Simplex is underrated VCO with a lot of incredible sounds

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I am. I kept trying to do minimalist pieces but could never get “minimal” enough. Here’s a piece that features syncing: Syncer: 1 - YouTube

I think I’m a bit better that that with some of my recent pieces.

Thanks for the heads up on Simplex - that’s an awesome VCO - and it has a sync input!

Maybe you should re-brand it: Kitchen Sync.