Within process, detecting mouse click?

Hi, I’m developing a module and checking the CPU usage. It’s pretty high, around 1 micro second. When I comment out all of my input processing code, it goes down considerably. I have 116 params. I’d like to only run input processing when the module is clicked.

I’ve seen this:

But don’t see those functions on APP->event.

Is it possible to detect a mouse click inside process? I’ve seen code for callback functions on buttons as well (in WhatTheRack), which might be better. I haven’t implemented that yet, and was hoping for a quick fix.

Why not run input processing every ‘n’ samples? Do you really need to look at those Params every sample?

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Thanks! That works well enough. I was able to get it down to ~0.4 microseconds with 4 channels as a poly input. Probably still a lot for a quantizer, but it kind of has a lot of buttons and lights by design.


that sounds really good.

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