Windows10 audio device for compleat noob?

Absolute beginner here. I’ve downloaded VCV 1.1.5, installed Audible Instruments, Befaco, Bogaudio, JWmodules, ML Modules, VCV, and Vult.

I’ve gone thru several beginning tutorial vids, but getting no sound, and I’m thinking it has to do with my selections on the audio device module (I’m using VCO, MIXER, and AUDIO-1). Audio-1 has ASIO in the top selection, No device in the second, and then 44.1KHz and 1024 in the bottom line. I believe I’ve patched it correctly (screenshot below).

What did I do wrong?

You need to choose a device for ASIO (where it says “no device” currently). I’ve had some trouble with ASIO connectivity in Rack; if that’s also the case for you, you can also just use the internal Windows driver (click where it says ASIO and choose another driver) and then click where it says “no device” and choose your preferred device (eg headphone jack).

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Quickest solution:
In the AUDIO-8
Click where it says ASIO and change it to Direct Sound
Click the next line and choose Default Device

The first line is the audio driver selection
2nd line is device for the selected driver
3rd line is 2 parts Sample Rate and Block Size

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That did it, thanks! Now I’ve got a sine wave sound!

Onward and upward. Nice to see how fast this community responded to a noob.


Oh man, I envy you in a way, having the chance to discover everything for the very first time… Anyway, have fun with vcv!

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I am sure that I am going about this completely backwards, but I want to learn about creating modular synthesis so that I can apply that knowledge in Sonic Pi, a text-based live coding environment.

So essentially I’m learning knobs and sliders and sequencers, etc. so that I can translate that knowledge into code. Call me crazy, but … the visual representation of the modules helps me learn what’s going on.

Have you looked at PureData?

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Sorry for the super-late reply. Actually, yes, I have looked at PureData. Looks really intriguing, but I find that writing code works better for me than connecting boxes!

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